BESTEK Spring Picks with Lowest $3.99!

2018-04-18 12:33:42


Spring has arrived. Are you ready to wake up your wallet and roll into the great spring warm-up with BESTEK? BESTEK Spring Pick activity has just started and you can find many good products now with the Lowest Price. Come to get the Spring Treats from bestekmall!


BESTEK 300W Power Inverter  

 original price: $29.99

only $17 with Code: ADGSH1


BESTEK 300W Power Inverter

BESTEK 300W power inverter is one of BESTEK star products. The DC to AC power inverter provides two AC outlets and dual USB ports. Also designed ultra-compact, the power inverter 30W is perfect for driving travel and business work to keep multiple devices on the go.


BESTEK 220V to 110V Power Converter 


original price: $39.99

only $23.99  with  Code: ARYBV2


BESTEK Travel Adapter Voltage Converter 220V to 110V with 4 USB ports

BESTEK universal travel voltage converter is one of the most popular travel devices in US. The travel adapter converts 220V to 110V and offers 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports, ideal for travellers to charger various US electronic devices when traveling overseas. The power converter also comes with US/UK/AU plug adapters which are compatible with more than 150 countries all over the world.


BESTEK 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter 

 original price: $26.99

only $13.99  with Code: APLHG3 


BESTEK 3-Socket 200W 12V/24V DC Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter with 6A 4-Port Car USB Splitter  Charger

The 3-socket cigarette lighter offers 3 sockets and 4 USB ports, allowing you to charge up to 7 devices at the same time. The smart USB ports are built-in intelligent identification technology. All your USB devices can be charged at fastest speed without any damages. The special LED display can let you monitor the car battery and protect it from tear or wear any time.


BESTEK 6-Outlet Circular Power Strip 

original price: $25.99

only $23.99 with Code: AUBVX4


BESTEK 6-Outlet Power Strip Circular Surge Protector with 4 USB Ports Black

Unlike normal strip designed surge protector, the circular power strip offers charging outlets in a circle so that each outlet can be used in a wide space without interfering others. The 6 AC outlets and 4 USB ports allow you to power up multiple devices simultaneously and the 4 USB with smart IC technology can charger devices 75% faster. The 6-outlet power strip is a good choice to meet multiple charging requirements and save room space.


BESTEK 200W Power Inverter 

original price:$23.99

only $15.99 with code: AFGHT5


 BESTEK 200W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC with 4.2A 4-Port USB

The power inverter 200W is ideal for car users to keep multiple devices on the go with 200W DC to AC continuous power and 7 charging stations. The 3 AC outlets are perfect for tablets, battery chargers, DVD players, and the 4 USB ports can be used to charge smartphones, GPS units, MP3 players, etc. Compact designed power inverter is rather ideal for travel, business trip and camping.


BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector 

original price: $28.99

only $24.99 with code: APKNB6


BESTEK 8--Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector 6.6ft with 7.5A 4 USB Ports

BESTEK power strip is the premium power protection for both home and office. Built-in all-around protections and made of fire-resistance materials, the 8-outlet power strip can keep you and your devices safe from damages. 8 AC outlets and 4 USB ports can allow you to charge 12 devices at the same time, ideal for PCs, phones/fax/modems, printers, stereos and other electronics.


BESTEK 12-outlet surge protector 

original price:$29.99

only $ 23.99 with   code: AINGY7


BESTEK Surge Protector 5560 Joules 12-Outlet 6 Foot Cord 2.1A Dual USB

This power strip comes with 12 AC outlets and 2 USB ports to meet your multiple charging requirements. 5566J high surge protection can safeguard all your devices from surges or spikes. It is also featured Cable/satellite protection and telephone/fax protection to safeguard cable box/satellite connections and ensures open and continuous phone-line connections. The 12-outlet surge protector is quite suitable for home theater.


BESTEK 75W power inverter 

original price: $17.99

only $9.99  with code: AGTYE8


BESTEK 75W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC with 2 USB Ports

BESTEK 75W power inverter is ultra-compact and portable with iPhone size. You can take it for travel easily. One AC outlet and tow USB ports can allow you to charge three devices at the same time. The DC to AC power inverter comes with a rotatable head that you can adjust its pivoting head to use power from any direction.

BESTEK 200W cup power inverter 

original price: $27.99

only $16.99   with code: AQWDF9


BESTEK 200W Power Inverter DC 12V with 2 AC Outlets, 4.5A Dual USB Ports

The 200W power inverter is stylish designed like a coffee cup. It can perfectly fit for your car DC socket without occupying any other space. The power inverter is powerful with combined AC outlets, cigarette lighter socket and USB charging together to meet your various charging requirements. 24 inch long power cord allows you to use power anywhere in the car.


BESTEK 6-outlet power strip 

original price: $8.99

only $3.99  with code: AMVG10


BESTKEK 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 2.6ft Power Cord

BESTEK power strip is slim and sleek designed with 6 AC outlets. You can charge 6 devices at the same time. There is a convenient master switch toggling power on and off with a simple press and can tell you the power status by lighting up. The power strip has a hanging slot, so you can mount it on the wall to save space.  


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