Keyboard Case – Change Your iPad into a MacBook Within a Second

April 26th, 2017


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Keyboard case is not just a protection case for iPads, but a magical keyboard for iPads. With a keyboard case, a iPad can be used as a computer within a second. Before using a keyboard case, you may find that iPad is a reaction device for videos, audios and games. If you want to work at home or out of the office for business, you may tend to bring a Laptop. But if you have a keyboard case for your iPad, you can operate it like a laptop by keyboarding. Furthermore, keyboard case is not only a keyboard, but a solid case to protect your devices. Ipad is more portable than a laptop, so when combined with keyboard case, ipads may become a better business device for most people.

As mentioned, a keyboard case has two outstanding features, keyboarding and protecting. That is why keyboard case is becoming more and more popular apart from its portability.

Function one: keyboarding
keyboard case is wireless that is used when connected with an iPad by Bluetooth. There is exactly no difference between keyboard case and normal computer keyboard in terms of typing design and touching texture. In a keyboard case, there are complete 26 characters keys and other keys of figures and symbols. No matter what you want to type, a keyboard case is as powerful as a computer.

Function two: protection
ipad Keyboard case is not solely a keyboard, but a protection case suitable for iPads. Just like cell phone case, keyboard case varies in colors and styles. The case cover may be made of PU leather or other materials that is waterproof and anti-scratching. There may be Velcro to avoid collapse. You can close it with keyboard together like a book. Protected with a keyboard case, your iPad can be used safely even in a tough or damp situations.

A good keyboard case can provide good keyboarding experiences and protective function, but the two is not enough to be considered when choosing a suitable keyboard case. There are several types of keyboard case based on different iPad.

Suitable type
As you know, iPads have been updated rapidly and one year may welcome a new iPad generation, thus making 5 generations of iPads and two ipad mini generations. Ipads range from precious iPads, iPad 2, the new iPad, iPad air and iPad Pro and ipad mini now has ipad mini and ipad mini 3. Nowadays, there are many styles of keyboard cases in market for ipads. You need to find one that really suits your ipads.

Removable or not

Some keyboards can’t be removed from a case, but some can. If you need a keyboard case for ipad frequently, you can choose a keyboard case that is not removable. When installed such a keyboard case, it is stable that can always be with you. But if you barely need a keyboard case and you often need to go out, then a non-removable case is not portable but bulky, you’d better choose a removable one. If you don’t use the keyboard, you can set it off and leave the case to still protect your device.

Portability or Usability
Keyboard cases for ipads may be designed with different materials so that the thickness of a keyboard case varies from model to model. A keyboard with a thick case is more durable and has good typing texture, but weights more, while a keyboard with a thin case is lightweight and portable but gives worse typing feeling. Apart from thickness, the size of a keyboard case also varies. Small keyboard case is more convenient but the keys may be also small that is not that much easier than a large one. While a large one is not that much portable. So you need to choose one that can meet your requirement, portability or usability.

A Bluetooth keyboard case is not only a keyboard for typing easily when using a ipad, but a protection for your device. A keyboard case can change an ipad into a computer within a second. Choose one that suits your ipads.

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