BESTEK is Introducing a Pure Sine Wave Battery Portable Power Station

September 8th, 2020


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Nowadays, what people worry about when they are going outside is not that they forget to bring their wallets, but that they worry that digital products such as mobile phones and laptops will run out of power. A power bank would be a solution in some cases, but if you are traveling by car or going on outdoor camping, the power bank will be useless for electric devices that require 220V input. Due to the demand for outdoor use, portable energy storage power supplies have become popular in the past two years. There are many optional products on the market, with different powers and different sizes.




What is a portable power station?

A Portable power station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. Equipped with an AC outlet, DC carport, and USB charging ports, they can keep most of your gear charged, from smartphones, tablets, laptops, to small appliances, like fan, mini coolers, electric blankets, etc.


How does a portable power station work?

Actually, it is a DC to AC inverter that increases the DC voltage and then changes it to alternating current before sending it out to power a device, like your laptop and TV. The DC input port collects and stores the electricity/energy from an AC outlet or a solar panel and output through built-in USB ports, DC carport, or an AC outlet.


What are the benefits of a portable power station?

Compared with a gas-powered generator, a battery-powered generator is more quiet and eco-friendly. And it can team up with a compatible solar panel, you can get the energy from the solar power, it is renewable and economical in the long term. As the name suggests, it is portable, you can take it anywhere anytime.


Introducing BESTEK Portable Power Station:


This BESTEK portable power station, featured with 2 110V AC outlet,3 USB ports and 1 cigarette lighter socket. It can provide pure sine wave 100-120V/60Hz AC output, max output is 150W. This allow you to power on most electronic devices and small household appliances at anywhere. The 4 power indicator lights, indicating 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% power respectively, convenient for you to master the remaining battery power and recharge it in time.


Built-in high quality lithium battery pack, the power capacity is 45000 mAh, can provide 5V/4.2A DC output and 100-120V/60Hz 150W AC output. The cooling fan will rotate at different speed (or not start) automatically base on different power output. This design can effectively reduce noise and provide you a quiet environment. The cigarette lighter output is DC 12V, which can supply for GPS, auto data recorder,car refrigerator, car purifier and other car electric appliances.




Input: DC 12-24V 2A

AC output: AC 100-120V 60Hz 150W

Cigarette lighter rated ouput: DC 9-12V, 150W

USB output: 5V / 4.2A (Auto 0-2.4A per port)

Battery Capacity: 45000 mAh

Protection: Overvoltage / over charge / over discharge / over temperature / overload / short circuit Protection

Size: 9.57 * 7.44 * 1.69 inch

Weight: 4.38 pound


BESTEK portable power station is ultra compact and portable, The package content include a soft travel case for you to store the power station. As it is compact and lightweight, it is portable for you to take when you go out for camping and short trip.

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