What is the function of inverter?

June 22nd, 2020


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Inverter is a converter that converts DC energy (battery, storage battery) into fixed frequency and constant voltage or frequency and voltage regulation AC power (generally 220V, 50Hz sine wave). It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit. Widely used in air conditioners, home theaters, electric grinding wheels, power tools, sewing machines, DVDs, VCDs, computers, TVs, washing machines, range hoods, refrigerators, video recorders, massagers, fans, lighting, etc.

Features of the Bestek Power inverter

1. High conversion efficiency and fast start-up;

2. Good safety performance: it has 5 protection functions of short circuit, overload, over/under voltage and over temperature;

3. Good physical properties: The product adopts all-aluminum shell, with good heat dissipation performance, hard surface oxidation treatment, good friction resistance, and resistance to a certain external force of extrusion or impact;

4. Strong adaptability and stability with load.


Car inverters are generally powered by car batteries or cigarette lighters. The low-voltage direct current is converted into around 265V direct current, and then high-voltage direct current is converted into 220V, 50Hz alternating current. Car inverters break many of the limitations of using electrical appliances in cars. Car power supply is not only suitable for car system, as long as there is DC12V DC power supply, it can be used. The car inverters will automatically shut down when overload or short circuit occurs.

How to choose the right car inverter?

The car inverter is a power supply product working in a large current and high frequency environment, and its potential failure rate is quite high. Therefore, special attention should be paid when buying the right car inverter.

In addition to the price, the main factors need to be considered are: the input voltage requirements and output power of the car power supply. In addition, due to the greatly varies of the power of electrical appliances, it is necessary to choose the car inverter according to the use requirements. 

Choose the suitable car inverter according to the different types of electrical appliances. For square resistive appliances, any inverters such as square wave, modified wave, and sine wave can be used. For inductive appliances, sine wave inverter is a must. 

The square-wave/modified sine wave inverters cannot carry inductive or capacitive loads, cannot drive air conditioners, refrigerators, and it is difficult to provide power for high-quality audio TVs. Strictly speaking, the square wave/modified sine wave inverters will affect the service life of the electrical appliances. These problems will not occur when using a sine wave inverter.

The cigarette lighter insurance in general cars is 10A or 15A , which shows that the car inverter power supply that can be used in general cars is 120W or 180W . If you need a high-power inverter (more than 180W or 200W), you must check if there is a battery clamp in the package. The use of a high-power inverter without a battery clamp will be limited in the car.

5. The general car power inverter will have insurance at the cigarette lighter end. You need to check whether this insurance match the insurance of the car cigarette lighter (theoretically, it should be less than or equal to the cigarette lighter insurance), so that the cigarette lighter insurance can play a role, otherwise the car cigarette lighter insurance will burn out, thus causing unnecessary trouble.


How to use the car inverter?

1. Insert the car inverter into the car cigarette lighter socket, please check the tightness between the plug and the socket when inserting. When it is too loose, spread the springs on both sides of the plug and insert it into the cigarette lighter socket.

2. Confirm whether the power indicator of the car inverter is on.

3. Insert the power plug of the electrical appliance to be used into the socket of the car power converter.

Precautions when using a car inverter:

Follow the user manual strictly.

Do not place the inverter in direct sunlight. Ideal operating temperature is between 10° and 30°C. Do not place other stuff on the inverter.

Always turn off the inverter before pull out the plug.

Do not insert the car inverter into the car cigarette lighter socket if you are not going to use it.

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