• Who We Are

    Founded in December 2007, BESTEK is a leading consumer electronics brand. The company produces some of the most respected products in the automotive & power supply field and always BESTEK aims to bring additional hi-tech, innovative products to enhance the quality of life. BESTEK has been a leader in the industry for the last twelve years and has a lot of fans around the globe.

  • What We Do

    BESTEK is committed to providing unique and innovative technology, premium-quality products, and the best after-sales service for customers. BESTEK has applied for more than 400 patents, to drive the research and production of our innovative products. BESTEK made its name international with high-quality products in the car inverter, travel chargers and power strips fields.

  • BESTEK Global Distribution

    As the leader in the international e-commerce market, BESTEK sells the products via direct to customer model on the Internet. After developing a stellar reputation on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart marketplaces, the products can now be found in Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menards. BESTEK has also created global infrastructure and has warehouses in the US, Japan, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

  • Brand Vision

    BESTEK firmly believes that excellence is due to internal innovation. With the continuous independent research and development, and innovation in the automotive and power supply field, BESTEK is becoming a globally renowned brand.

Development Experience

01 / 07

In 2007, BESTEK was founded in Shenzhen and becomes the first International D2C E-commerce Chain Corporation in China.

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