Are You Fooled Today?

April 1st, 2017


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Happy April fool’s Day! Are you still trying to think of a special way to fool your friends? Or are you indulged in the happiness that your friends are fooled successfully by your tricks? Don’t get too excited. You may be taken in without knowing anything.

In the time of electronic and communication, online shopping has become a synonym of modern lifestyle. There are multiple online shopping mall emerging these years, worldwide public shopping mall like Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Wish.com, Ebay.com, and an increasing number of private online shopping store supported by companies themselves, like bestekmall.com. Shopping online is an unstoppable current and really benefits to both customers and merchants. People, especially the young, regard online shopping as an indispensable part of life not because they are lazy to go out but due to the reason that online shopping do make it more convenient and accessible for varieties of products with different brands and even from different countries. Online shopping make people all over the world connected tightly. Many famous brands choose to go with this trend and join the public shopping mall or build their own shopping store online. Electronic information age has changed people’s life and really makes life better. While nothing is perfect, not to mention the advanced technology today. Online shopping also has its loophole that may be used by some merchants in order to get more personal profits. Therefore, take care when shopping online. Here we’ll talk about how to avoid being cheated.

What you should do when deciding to shop online?
1.    Before you purchasing something online, you need to choose the professional website. When choose a shopping mall, check and confirm whether it is legal with business certificate. Nowadays, there are many imitated professional online shopping malls like amazon, ebay, and they have the same structure and function with the same products that it is difficult to tell whether it is real.
2.    Choose a shopping mall with good reputation. When buying something, check the order numbers, customer comments and credit line of this merchant, and make sure that the information of receiver and payer are all right.
3.    When paying, you’d better pay by Paypal or other safer payments, don’t transfer trash directly to the seller, except that you know the seller is reliable.
4.    Put away the recipient that includes order ID, payment, product model etc. Only with the recipient can you repair products if it has quality issue.

How to tell a counterfeit?

1.    It may be a fake which is too cheap. Low price is one of the main reasons why people tend to shop online. Commonly speaking, the price is a little higher in physical store as online shopping mall doesn’t need to pay for rent or other fees, which reduce the cost of products. Some fraudulent sellers take advantages of some customers’ coveting thought and set a very low price or appeal customers to buy in the name of clearance, discount or activity. Some people like brand name products and sellers may sale fakes with the same brands but have low price than the real brands. So you need to weigh and estimate the price range of the real thing
2.    It may be a fake if photos of the product don’t match the physical product. When choosing something, you need to check the pictures in the description and compare them to photos taken by previous customers or check yourself if there is no customer comments. For example, if the price is low while the picture looks expensive, or if the picture is marked with foreign languages which common only in famous brand, you need to take care that it is likely to be a counterfeit.
3.    It may be a fake if there is to many words to describe products. Product introduction is necessary and important, while if you find it too wordy, you need think that it is possibly a cover-up to make customers puzzle.
4.    The products may be fakes if there are too many models in one store. Products like clothes are showed by models because it can help customer have a clearer knowledge of the product. While it is known that inviting a model will cost a fee that is unaffordable for small merchants. So if there are too many pictures of models who wearing clothes of one store, you need take care that the picture may be copied from the professional brands.

BESTEK Advice: don’t be fooled by fakes!

BESTEK is well-known with its high quality products. When buying a BESTEK product, you’re also buying assurance with such a long warranty. But we can’t control the selling of fakes. Here are several key points to help you avoid the potential hazards of counterfeits:
1.    If it seems like too good or too cheap, it probably is. BESTEK products are high-quality with moderate price. Consider more when faced with massive markdowns of BESTEK products.
2.    If the package has spelling errors or seems incomplete, it probably is. BESTEK products are all well packaged with clear and right marks.
3.    We have many authorized retailers, like amazon, ebay, wish, walmart, newegg, but be sure the product will be shipped by BESTEK, not “ships from and sold by Amazon” or “ships from and sold by Belkin”.
4.    BESTEKMALL.com is BESTEK official website. It is the only BESTEK legal self-supported online store. If you want to purchase real BESTEK products, please go to bestekmall.com or find BESTEK store in other authorized sale platforms.

Are you fooled today? If you’re looking for something on online shopping mall, keep these in mind. Be a smart buyer and live a happier life. Happy April fool’s Day!

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