BESTEK Humanity Designed Power Strips

2019-03-30 01:16:03


Almost everyone needs a power strip and you can find how useful the power strip kit is when you need to charge multiple electronic devices. In daily life, few people care about how power strips look like, while in fact there are many devices play a more significant role due to their humanity design. Have you ever seen or used a humanized power strip? 

What is humanity design?

Humanity design doesn’t mean how special a product look like but means a design idea that is added to the original product functions or features based on human behavioral habit, the physiological structure of human body, psychological situations and thinking modes of human beings. A humanity designed products will perform better to make it more convenient and comfortable to use, to meet your mental and psychological need. With the improvement of living standards, people pursue higher satisfaction and a sense of respect. Therefore, a product that is humanity designed will be more popular. When choosing an everyday necessity, you can give preference to a humanized type. 

The most humanity designed power strips you can find in the market

There are many types of power strip or surge protector now in the market and you can also see some humanized designed USB power strips that have good features and special appearances. Here is the list of electric power strips with human nature. Which one do you like best?

BESTEK Vertical Power Strip

This vertical or tower type power strip makes full use of vertical space, which is a break of traditional design that often uses spaces in a plane to save room space. Due to this vertical design, all the 8 outlets are regularly distributed in four spaces, thus giving wide space to make each outlet workable without interference. Besides, each cable won’t be twined with others to keep your desk tidier. 


BESTEK rotatable power strip

This white power strip is rotatable. You can use it as a desktop charger on your desk with two clips on the bottom or adjust it to be a traditional strip-shaped power supply. Flexible adjustment makes the 4-outlet power strip perfect for living room, kitchen, study room, etc. 


BESTEK travel power strip

This USB power strip is specially designed for travelers. The power strip kit has 2 outlets, 5 USB ports, and 8 international travel adapters. The travel kit is portable and lightweight, easy to take and store no matter which country you go to. 


BESTEK 12-outlet power strip with 360 degrees rotating the flat plug

The power strip with 12 outlets is flexible with 360 degrees rotating flat plug and comes with 6ft long power cord. You can pull the USB power strip to your living room, kitchen, or any direction you want. And the right-angled plug can keep stable and close to the wall when you pull the cable. 


Humanity design has been widely adopted in all fields. Humanized or ergonomic products bring much convenience and colors to our life. Looking at those unique designed power strips, do you also have the desire to get one? As for the above 9 humanity designed power strip devices, which one do you like best? 

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