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Nowadays, there are various types of everyday products in our life. Most of product design inspirations come from animals, such as toys with the ideas of dinosaurs, monkeys, cats, etc.  Animal-shaped products can not only add color and warmth to home decoration, but also can increase people’s consciousness of protecting animals and make them closer to nature.

BESTEK Snail USB Charger Design Ideas
The design idea of todays’ BESTEK multi-USB charger comes from adorable snails. In many people’s eyes, snails represent tardiness or slow speed. BESTEK also poured some new ideas and endowed the snail with colors and vitality, aiming to make your life more colorful and easier. With various colors including red, white, blue, orange, pink and green, the snail USB hub is suitable for everyone no matter you’re a student, businessman, online influencer or a housewife. Lovely appearance makes it not just an exquisite desktop artwork, but a friendly living companion.


BESTEK Snail USB Hub Features
You may misunderstand that the snail USB charger is only a fine artwork with appealing outlook. However, as an electronic multi-USB charging device, it is also equipped with awesome features that will let you look at it with new eyes.

Multiple Charging Stations with Type-C Port
Living in a modern time, who doesn’t have several electronic devices? Cellphones, tablets or digital cameras, seem to have become indispensible no matter where you go. Increasing number of electronics also means more and more USB chargers and cables. Don’t say for the time being that household charging sockets can’t meet so many charging requirements at the same time. Your desk and even whole room will become messy with so many cable clutters.

snail USB charger has three USB ports and one extra type-c port especially designed for MacBook and other type-c devices. Overall four charging stations allow you to charge four electronics simultaneously including IOS or Android devices. Three USB ports are built in advanced smart identification technology. With 0~2.4A output, it can detect what your devices are and tailor the optimal charging current for each port to ensure each device to be charged fast and safely. Type-C port comes as a 3.0 QC charger to charge devices faster than ever. 


Full Safety Protections
Frequent occurrence of charging accidents may make you more alert of choosing a charging device. BESTEK snail USB charger is protected with full safety protections, so you can use it at ease. Superior safety technologies guard the USB charging device against overloading, overcurrent and overheating. When overload occurs, USB charging stations will shut off automatically and continue working when problems are handled. Besides, made of fire-resistant materials, the snail USB charger can get rid of fire accidents and electronic shock to protect you and your devices.

Also a Nice International Travel Companion

Power charging is always a big problem for overseas travellers because of plug and voltage difference between countries in different areas. The snail USB hub can work within AC 100V to 240V, compatible with almost all countries in the world. It is also lightweight and portable, easy to take with your travel bad. No matter where you go, and no matter what electronic devices you want to use in other countries, the snail multi-USB charger can keep all your devices on the go to ensure you a happy and relaxing journey.


Do you often complain that your current charging devices are too slow like snails to charge your electronics? Look at BESEK snail multi-USB charger. It will allow you to charge multiple devices at the fastest speed in a smart and safe way. What’s more, you may also be firstly impressed by its adorable and color appearance.

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