BESTEK Warmth for Mothers Sent Miles Away

2017-05-12 01:45:06


The Annual Mother’s Day is coming. BESTEK launched an activity called “Warmth for Mothers Sent Miles Away”. Mother’s Day is the best time for children to express love for their mothers. BESTEK wants to take this opportunity to replace hundreds of BESTEK staffs to send their love for moms.

Purpose of this activity
The purpose of BESTKE Warmth for Mothers Sent Miles Away is to build a bridge for BESTEK staffs to express their love for mothers and to advocate friendly culture of BESTEK. The Mother’s Day has become a god-given opportunity for children to express their true affections to moms. With time going by, children grow up gradually and may find it harder and harder to say “I love you, mom”. When they finish their study, they step into the society and fight for their own future but too busy or too far away from home to say something admiring or give something special to let her know that she’s always in your heart. The same thing occurs in BESTEK. Most BESTEK staffs come from other provinces and they hardly have time to go home to visit parents each year. That is why BESTEK held this activity. The “Warmth for Mothers Sent Miles Away” requires each employee to write a letter for moms and BESTEK will send it together with a nice gift to every mother. It is not only an opportunity to welcome the coming Mother’s Day, but a time to show warmth of BESTEK, the big family. Thanks to all employees who have accompanied BESTEK for years. BESTEK hopes to create a sweet and warm environment like homes. And this also embodies BESTEK humanized culture. 


Method of this activity
In terms of celebrating Mother’s Day, there are multi ways, buying a gift, recording a video, sing a song, or just making a delicious meal. BESTEK chose to send a nice gift to every mother, which is the most direct way. The gift is a BESTEK star product – 3-outlet power strip. What’s more, every employee has written a special letter for their mother. So far, all the letters have been sent with BESTEK gifts already and sure moms can get these surprises on the day of Mother’s Day.

1.    Letter

Here are something extracted from some letters.
(Translated version)
“Hello, dear mom, how are you? Long time no see, wish you in a good health. I’m wondering to give you a nice gift, but don’t know which one is the best, so I decided to write a letter to tell you what’s in my heart just like the time when I was still an eight-year-old girl.”

“I still remember that you and my dad took me to see the doctor everywhere because of my poor health when I was a little kid. I still remember that you crying while I was crying because of an injection. I’m now keeping a good heath but you’re growing old and easy to get sick.”

“Hi, mom, you may be strange why I wrote a letter to you, because we have no secrets. But I’m in a city and can’t to talk with you. Do you know that I have bothered you and forced you to listen to me for about twenty years? You’re great, mom! Honest speaking, I was annoyed when you nagged me, but now I really hope you’re still here and chatting with me! But it seems impossible…I miss you, mom”

“My dear mother, are you OK in the heaven? I haven’t seen you for a long time. I always look at the sky at night, hoping to see your face. The Mother’s Day is coming. I’m not greedy to hope you can stand in front of me and enjoy a delicious meal I make for you. I just hope you can go to my dream and talk to me…”


2.    Gift
The gift is a power strip that is popular in sales market. Each gift was coated with “I love you mom”. Why does BESTEK choose this model as a gift? That is because the
power strip stands for endless power. Mothers gave life to her children and taught them how to become stronger. In children’s eyes, moms are super women who can’t be beaten no matter what happens.
About the gift:
*3 wide-spaced AC outlets and 4USB ports, allow charging multiple appliances simultaneously.
*surge protected, worry-free to use it and your device.
*universal plugs, ideal for worldwide traveling
*full protections, overloading, overcurrent, over/ low voltage, short-circuit
*compact design, easy to take and use
*Input Voltage: 100-250V
USB Output: DC 5V/4.2A, 5.2A Max

On the arrival of the Mother’s Day, hope this activity can make mothers happy.

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