Eight Best Gifts for Mom

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May 14th is the Mother’s Day. What kind of gifts do you plan to buy for you mom? Actually, no matter what gift your mom gets, she must be very happy not only for the gift itself, but for her children’s love hidden behind the gift, just as an old Chinese saying goes “it’s not the gift that counts but the thought behind it. The gift which is utility and can exactly express your love for her is the best gift, don’t you think so? Here are listed ten gifts that are simple but practical.

Gift one: Carnation Flowers

Flowers are not the most special one but the one which can exactly express your love and care for your mother. Carnation stands for immortal maternal love. Different from roses, carnation is more suitable for parents because it implies a warm and sweet family affection. Different number of carnation flowers has different flower language. Eleven flowers stand for heart and soul. Sixteen flowers stand for the highest point and nineteen flowers symbolize eternal companion. If you want to express missing emotion, then both twenty and thirty three flowers are better. How many flowers are better should also be related to colors and collocation flowers.

Gift two: clothes
All women like beautiful clothes. Don’t always buy new clothes for your girlfriend or yourself, just choose the clothes that suit for your mom and help her to stand out with charm and confidence. Just according to your observation of your mom, think about what style and color she may like and confirm what size is suitable. If you want to make a surprise for her, get those information indirectly form her daily clothes, her previous pictures and her words. If you don’t know the right size, you’d better go to the shopping mall with your mom and choose one.

Gift three: ornaments or Jewelry
There are multiple kinds of ornaments for your option, ranging from small decoration accessories to jewelries. Maybe your mom is not young as you anymore, but she still has a love of beauty just like a girl as she used to do. You can buy a necklace or a bracelet if you can afford it. If you’re not well-funded, you can buy a hat, a bag, a scarf and other utility gifts. Or just choose one what your mom is looking for or love but doesn’t get one because of some reason. A small ornament can help mom to maintain beauty and youth.

Gift four: health care products
Maybe you’re used to see mom doing housework everyday but have you found that your mom is tired every day and easy to get sick? It is very child’s wish that parents are in good health. You can buy some heath care products for her to remind her that health is the most important thing and you hope her to live longer to see you getting married, having children and enjoy family happiness when she grows old.

Gift five: skin care products or cosmetics
With time going by, it is not hard to find that wrinkles have overspread mom’s face. You can’t stop time but you can make it go slowly. A suitable skin care product can help protect her skin and reduce wrinkles on her face. Using cosmetics is not the exclusive right for fashion girls. Bring her the cosmetics and let her know she still has the right to become more beautiful. She can make herself look better in a party or a gathering.

Gift six: oil diffuser
After finishing heavy housework, moms need a comfortable environment to have a rest. An
oil diffuser can help purify the air and keep it fresh and health without any voice. You can put water or essential oils into it and it can send out aroma mist which is beneficial to health. This oil diffuser has 4 modes that can match to different feelings just like a friendly companion. It is also a night light with changeable colors to make a sweet living atmosphere and guarantee a good sleep.

Gift seven: vacuum cleaner
Moms need to clean floors, carpets and stairs every day. It is unbearable to see your mom bending her waist and hold a dull sweeper to reach the dirty in the corner. Why not get her a smart
vacuum cleaner? The vacuum cleaner can collect dust and even hairs of pits very quickly and easily. With a vacuum cleaner, moms can save effort and worry, and keep a tidy living environment.

Gift eight: Bluetooth headphones
Many people have a car. If your mom is a professional female and drives to work, then it is necessary to get her a
Bluetooth earbud. The wireless Bluetooth headphones can connect with smart phones easily via Bluetooth, allowing making a hands-free call, listening to music and using GPS and other functions easily. With an earbud, you can feel safe and free to contact with your mom.

The above eight gifts are collected because they are useful and is really beneficial to moms. There are many other optional gifts for moms. No matter what gifts you give for your mother, she will be happy. On the arrival of Mother’s Day, choose a nice gift for your mother and let her know how much you love her.

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