Have You Got the 9 Necessary Tools in Car?

2017-05-22 09:02:31


For car users, getting a tool box in car may be an unimpressive action but your tiny step can solve an urgent need and even save your life in emergency. Smart automobile owners often take a tool box in the trunk. Only when you are trapped in an emergency can you find the value of a small tool box. To have a happy and safe driving on road, you need to bring some necessary tools in the box. Here are 9 listed in-car devices that you may need.

1.    Small repair outfits
Nowadays almost cars come with a tool box and allow you to put in some tools repair tools like the trailer connection ring, lifting jack, but these tools are not used too often and need to occupy a respectively large space. Therefore, a small repair outfits is recommended including wrench, plum flower pullover of all sizes, hex socket head screws, magnetic rod, etc. You can prepare a complete small repair tools so that you can maintain your car by yourself on the road.

2.    Pressure gauge
It is important to check the tires whether they can work normally. You should know that it is not safe to drive a car if the tire pressure deviation is too large. It is safer to check the tire frequently so that you can find problems and deal with it in time without going to 4S store or repair factory. Some people bring a back-up tire and replace the damaged one. No matter you get a replacement or not, you should have a tire pressure gauge so that you can find out the hidden danger timely.

3.    Safety hammer
Safety hammer is a small tool but it is powerful that it can crack the glass easily. When the car is submerged, the most efficient and fast way to save yourself is to use the safety hammer and knock on the four corners of the glass with even power. Recently, some electronic devices are designed with safety hammer like car charger and
jump starter. In this case, you can make full use of an electronic. You can use a car charger to power up your electronics. A jump starter with safety hammer can not only allow you start your car when it stalls but can save life.

4.    Cable, adhesive tapes, or insulating tape
Accessories like cables, adhesive tapes and insulating tapes are very common but they can help you out when you need to fix or pull something. For example, if the trunk can’t be closed because of too many things in it, you need a cable to fix things firmly in case that things drop off half way. Adhesive tape can glue the loose parts.

5.    Wires
When the car can’t start because of lack of power, then you can use it to connect the failed vehicle and the battery of rescue car. When this occurs, you need two wires respectively, one positive wire and one negative wire, and turn the key to start the failed car. If it is helpless to start the failed car, you can try to start the rescue car to charge the failed vehicle.

6.    Rope
When a car encounters a failure and can’t go further anymore, the ropes are the most direct rescue tool. No matter what type of your car is, you’d better to prepare a rope in the trunk. The bearing load of the rope should be over 5 tons as pulling a car needs a large tension.

7.    Flashlight
When you need to look for something at night, a flashlight can help you a lot. What’s more, even at daytime, it is difficult to find things you want in some places like engine compartment, suspension parts and corners of somewhere inside. A handheld torch makes it easier. Someflashlight has several modes like strobe light and SOS so that you can use it to save yourself when you trapped in an emergency. 

8.    Car power inverter
When driving out for traveling, it is common that your cellphones, tablets, cameras or other electronic devices are lack of power. You may think about power bank or charging cable firstly. But those devices like tablet, cameras, need standard AC current, so only USB charging ports are not enough. If you have a
power inverter which has both AC outlets and USB ports to allow you charge multi electronic devices at the same time. A power inverter can effectively change DC current into AC current to provide enough power for high power devices or appliances.

9.    Usual medicines
You’d better prepare some common medicines like Band-Aid, cold medicines, berberine, instant-effect pills, etc. A medicine box is so important especially when there are passengers who have illness or there are accidents. But you need to remember that it is better to stop driving for having a rest before going on.

Of course, the list of in-car tools is not complete. You can add some tools as you require. But you also need to consider the space of the trunk before adding other tools. Getting a full list of tools is to ensure a safer and happier driving trip. Have a nice trip.

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