Make School Life Better with These Back-to-School Essentials

2017-08-28 01:38:36


On the arrival of the end of August, back-to-school is just on the threshold. Are you ready to embrace your school life?  

For most students, school is not only a place to study, but the second home as they have to live in school dormitory with classmates. But a school life only filled with boring learning is not good for kids to learn how to be independent and get along with others. So, how to make school life happier is a question that most students care about. It is the time of the year to prepare for some back-to-school essentials for dormitory life.

Essentials for Electronic-Based Items
At present, students have got the permissions to bring some basic electronic devices to school like cellphones, iPads and tablets. Here are some electronic accessories that can help you make it easier to power and use your electronics.

Cute Little Bear Power Strip
With more than one electronic device in hand, students will find it not enough to charge all devices with limited wall power sockets. The cute
bear power strip comes with four AC outlets and dual USB ports, allowing to charge up to 6 devices at the same time. The power strip is unique designed as a lovely little bear to decorate your room and brighten your mood. Besides, it is also built in full protections against overcurrent, overload and short circuit to protect you and your devices.


Aluminum Tablet Mount Stand
If you have a tablet or ipad, it is a question for you to consider where to place it firmly and easily in the room. The new released aluminum tablet mount holder is adjustable and mountable with clips and 3 joints. You can clip in on desk, on the edge of the bed or flat plane. No matter you sit beside the desk to searching for something, or lying on bed for entertainment, the flexible tablet support can provide you the best view angle. Made of heavy-duty aluminum materials and anti-scratch pads, the tablet mount holder is durable and can well protect your devices.


iPhone 6/6s Charging Case
Cellphones are indispensible for almost every student, for both contacts and other convenient functions like calculator, note and camera. The iPhone 6/6s charging case can charge your smart phone easily by just covering it with the case. The battery case is a new charging method like a power bank which is portable, but it is more convenient and compact because you don’t have to bring a cable when use it. The charging case is also a cellphone case that can protect your cellphone like a case cover from dropping or scratching.  


iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case
Some homework now has to be finished by computer but many students don’t have computer in school but a portable ipad. The Bluetooth keyboard case is customized for ipad mini, mini 2 and mini 3. Pair it with your device via Bluetooth and type just like a computer keyboard. The ABS Chiclet keys can provide you an easy and smooth typing experience. The keyboard case is removable and rechargeable, and comes with a PU ipad case cover with magic velco, and latch strap. It can stand firmly on the table so that you can use ipad as a laptop. 


Essentials for a Better Dormitory Life
Half of student’s time is spent in dormitory. A good living environment is beneficial for studying and health. Here are also listed some essentials for you to make dormitory life more convenient and comfortable.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Living with other classmates together makes it more difficult to keep a clean environment. With so many clothing and other articles of daily use, dirt and dust are easy to increase especially in the corners or edges. The cordless vacuum cleaner is so portable and lightweight that you can easily carry it to clean up your bed, desk, floor or anywhere you want. Once powered, it can work for up to half an hour. Great suction allows you to collect particles effortlessly and effectively. HEPA filtration can suck and lock the dust and germs to keep room air clean and healthy, which is beneficial to your health. 


Essential Oil Diffuser
If you feel fatigued after finishing tests or homework, you need to have a rest and get some relaxation. The oil diffuser looks like a beautiful room decoration that can light you up. More importantly, when you add small drops of water or oil into it, it can release aroma cool mist that can help relief your stress and cheer you up. In your spare time, do some activities like SPA with aromatherapy to keep healthy and protect your skin.


Stainless Steel Coffee Maker
In school, you can also pursue a quality life. The stainless coffee machine has 240ml large capacity that can make 4 cups of espresso coffee simultaneously. 3.5 bar working pressure can produce tasteful coffee for you. With single switch knob and indicator light, the coffee maker is easy to operate. It is removable and washable, hassle-free to maintain. Drinking a cup of coffee with friends before lessons or after a nervous test can keep you level-headed and feel agreeable.


Vacuum Thermal Carafe

If you like drinking coffee or warm water, you should have a thermal carafe. Made of double wall stainless steel materials, the coffee carafe can keep coffee, tea, milk, juice and others beverages warm all day long. 1.5L large capacity allows you to store enough amounts to meet your everyday use. Winter is in the second half of the year. The insulated thermal coffee carafe can help you withstand the cold weather and study efficiently. 


School is not just a place for studying but the second home for students to live. To make school life better, you should prepare for back-to-school life essentials. These listed devices are portable and space-saving, ideal for school life. Of course there are many other devices that you can bring to school. On the arrival of back to school, get ready for it and embrace a new happy school life.

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