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2017-04-13 02:26:15


Are you ready?

The new BESTEKMALL has been released! Welcome to bestekmall.com!
BESTEKMALL is an updated BESTEK online shopping mall built-in multiple incredible new features. We’ve poured all our energy to make it better in order to provide you a happier experience.

What’s new here?
During several months’ researching and hardworking, BESTEKMALL is unveiled to the public. Let’s look what’s new here.

1.    Structure
Click bestekmall.com, you can go to our new BESTEKMALL official website. We have several levels of pages. In the first page, you can see different boards including slick shows, banners, new release, about BESTEK, blog, press center and buying guide, etc. You can go to the next pages to get a briefer introduction. In the main column, you can find everything you want in BESTEKMALL. 

2.    Product
BESTEKMALL has the fullest range of BESTEK products, including the latest products, the hot sale products and even products temporally inaccessible in other sale sites. Moreover, the product description is much clearer with better images and translated into different languages. BESTEKMALL product can be shipped fast to your door no matter where you’re and provide a free shipping on orders over $49(US ONLY).

3.    Blog
BLOG page is added here to let you better know about BESTEK products and the latest BESTEK news. In the blog page, apart from articles, there are colorful videos and images that you can feast your eyes. In particular, there is a review part where published BESTEK reviews by influential reviewers.

4.    Affiliate
BESTEK is well-known for its reliable products and integrity. BESTEKMALL has launched many
affiliates in famous websites like ShareASale (MID:70290). We have big coupons and high commissions (double commission in the first month). Welcome all potential partners to join us and see money rolling in your pocket.

5.    Program
BESTEKMALL will launch unscheduled programs to let you join us and get special awards. We have an
Influencer & Reviewer program to welcome any one who has great ideas about BESTEK products. We just set up a Slogan Collection activity. Join us to vote for your favorite BESTEK Slogan and get a nice gift or $1000 awards.

BESTEK was established in 2007 and this year is its ten-year birthday. Over these years, BESTEK is striving to design and develop high quality products that really can meet customer’s requirements. With ten years going by, BESTEK becomes a famous brand all over the world and BESTEK products like power inverter, power strip, car jump starter, cigarette lighter, are thought highly of by our customers and rank the top in many online sales platforms. In China, BESTEK is the first Chinese F2C E-commercial enterprise; in the global, BESTEK is honored as the “Earth’s Most Customer-centric Company” in 2016 Amazon global selling annual summit. BESTEK gets trust at home and abroad.

BESTEKMALL is an online shopping mall recently established by BESTEK. BESTEK is aimed to provide better products and better services for more people all over the world though the bridge of BESTEKMALL. We have strong R&D team, technical team and customer service team. Supported by these energetic teams, BESTEKMALL will be bound to be the next popular online shopping mall. BESTEKMALL is not just a self-sale site, but also a news releasing area for you to enrich your brain. Grow up with BESTEKMALL!

Hope for the future
BESTEK, Best Life – it is our final goal that people all over the world will live a better life with the company of BESTEK. This is our mission. It is also an unstoppable trend. The 2017 CES showed the glamour of the latest technologies, especially the automobile industry. On the other hand, it also indicates higher living requirements in the future. For example, almost everyone would own a vehicle just like today everyone has a cell phone and people will have a cozier and smarter living environment with more intelligent gadgets. As one of the global famous brand, BESTEK is responsible and will keep going in enhancing the performance of existing items and developing new functional products based on people’s newest requirement.


With the hope for a better future, BESTEK would like to join hands with more friends no matter you’re on behalf of the individual or a group, and no matter where you come from.

Let’s embrace a new life with BESTEKMALL.
Thanks for your support!

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