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Jump starter is a portable electronic device that is widely used in car. You may not think highly of its importance until you find your good trip is boiled at the time when your car suddenly stops on the way. Traditional ways to re-start a vehicle is a little wasteful of time and energy and you can’t guarantee this way can start your car quickly. While a jump starter can help you out of this trouble situation. Jump starter can be regarded as a power bank. But this power bank is a power provider for a vehicle, not special for cell phones or other electronic devices.

Category of Jump Starters
At present, there are three types of car jump starters according to the adoption of batteries. No matter what kind of jump starter it is, the discharge rate should meet the high standards. Batteries like lead-acid battery for electric bicycle and lithium cell phone battery charger can’t jump start a vehicle. So here are stated three useable car jump starters.

1.    Lead-acid battery
Though a lead-acid battery can also be used for jumping car, a lead-acid battery used for a bicycle can’t be used for a vehicle. As for car lead-acid battery, there are traditional tablet lead-acid battery and coiled battery. Traditional battery is inexpensive, durable and heat-resistant while it is not portable and easily break down, and even can’t be used under 0?. Coiled battery is also portable and heat-resistant and can be used under -10?. While it is not too heavy and has fewer functions.

2.    Lithium battery
As mentioned above, lithium battery is more multifunctional compare with coiled lead-acid battery. Lithium battery can be divided into cobalt acid lithium polymer battery and phosphoric acid iron battery. Cobalt acid lithium polymer battery is portable and multifunctional with long standby time while it is expensive with small capacity, and can’t be used in low temperature. Phosphoric acid iron battery is compact, heat-resistant and can be used under -10?, but it expensive and smaller capacity than coiled battery, and can’t be used over 70?.

3.    Capacitor Battery
Though capacity battery is portable and has long life, high discharge current and fast charging speed, it is the most expensive and has small capacity. It is not safe to use it over 70?.

Features of Jump Starters

•wide application. Car jump starter can start any DC12V car. But this doesn’t mean a jump starter is suitable for any vehicle. Different jump starter matches different vehicle with different gas engines, 3L, 5L or else.
•equipped with LED light that can has three modes, white light, strobe light and SOS. It is helpful in emergency when going out.
•built-in USB charging ports. Many jump starters is also designed with USB ports that can provide DC 5V power for other electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, etc. In this case, a jump starter is a power bank both for a vehicle and electronics.
•long lifespan. Jump starters with lithium ion polymer batteries ensure a long life that can be reused to start a vehicle for over 20 times and can charge electronics for over 500 times. 
•safety guard. Jump starters are built-in multiple protection systems that can protect your devices from damages against overloading, overcharging, overcurrent, low/over voltage, short-circuit, etc.
•lead-acid battery is equipped with air pump that can be used for air inflation.
•note: if you have a lithium battery jump starter, please start your car when the battery is over three levels in case of breaking down the power source host.
•cyclic stylization. A jump starter can be reused for many times but you should get it discharged and charged each three month and keep it in full power capacity or the lifespan of a jump starter may be reduced.

Car Jump starter is a nice companion of car users. It is portable and functional. Prepare one in your car kit box. No matter you’re out for traveling, camping, or for business, you don’t need to worry about roadside breakdown. It can also be helpful when there is charging requirement and emergency problem as it is also a power bank and small handheld LED light. With a jump starter, jump start your car easily.

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