8 Protections a Good Power Inverter Should Have

June 12th, 2017


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Power inverter is a DC to AC electronic device that is widely used for television, computer, DVD, VCD, printer, cooler warmer, etc. Since it is common at home, office and  in car, security is a problem that people may care more about. A good power inverter should be equipped with multiple protections. Here let’s look what are the basic protections a reliable power inverter should have.

Low voltage protection
The voltage will decrease or lost sharply in a short time due to short circuit or other breakdowns that can burn your devices. A DC12V to 110V
power inerter that is built-in low voltage protection can send out a sound and light alarm signal when the input voltage is 9.5V~11V, that means the voltage of car battery is too low and you need to power it up.

Overvoltage protection
When the input DC power becomes too higher than its compatible power rate, the power inverter will send out sound and light alarm, and also cut off power to protect your devices from damage.

Overloading protection
Power inverters are designed with multiple charging stations including AC outlets and USB ports. If you charge devices with a higher overall power than its rated power, it will stop providing power for your devices. But with overloading protection, your devices won’t be damaged.


Overheating protection
Power inverters are easy to get heated when keeping working for a long-time or work under a high temperature environment. The overheating protection will remind you timely with a flashlight and cut off power at the same time to ensure not cause fire accidents or break your devices.

Overcurrent protection
Electronic devices have rated current and devices are easy to get burned if the input current is higher than its rated current. Power inverter with overcurrent protection will automatically cut off the power to protect devices. Some inverters have overcurrent protected USB ports, when overcurrent occurs, the USB board can be well protected against burning.

Short circuit protection

When short circuit occurs, the input current will flow from positive pole to negative pole without passing by any plugged device. In that case, the current becomes too high to bear for the batteries, thus causing damages to equipment or even fire because of overheating. Short circuit protection can cut of power timely and avoid the above problems.


BESTEK power inverter has become an American leading brand not only because of smart functions that makes life easier, but full protection technology that makes life safer. BESTEK has varieties of power inverters ranging from 75W to 2000W to meet your different charging requirements. Built-in all the above 6 protections, BESTEK products will always be a superman to protect your devices form damaged and ensure a safe environment for you and your family.

Reliable power inverters should have full protections to guarantee a safe charging environment. If you’re looking for a power inverter, don’t forget pay attention to its protection systems.

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