How to Wash and Maintain Juice Blender?

August 10th, 2017


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Nowadays, most people have many electronic kitchen appliances, like juice blender, soybean milk maker, milk shake. Those smart devices can make delicious and healthy food or juice for you in an easier way to keep a good lifestyle. But it is not easy to wash the equipment after used. Have you ever been annoyed by the case when the residues and debris attached firmly in the blender filter strainer is so difficult to remove? According to a professor, there are many ways to do Juice blender and soybean milk maker cleanout.

The cutter head of a blender is the most difficult to wash. Every time after you use a blender to cut apples, oranges, tomatoes or other fruits, the cutter head is full of pulps. Then you should slowly pull out the attached fruit chips and vegetable resides as much as possible and next wash the cutter with a steel wool that is dipped in cleaners. But please not use too much strength, or it will be scratched.


When you’re ready to backwash the blender, you can cover three fourth of the tap to make it a water gun. The water gun can release high water pressure to effectively wipe off the debris of fruits and vegetables. Not only the cutter head, you should also wash the interior of the blender. Pour into one thirds of warm water and some cleaners. Plug the power and let it blend for about 30 seconds. You can also add a small cup of water or food vinegar, and some crushed eggshells, then blend the mixture for 2 minutes or so.

Clean up the juice blender timely and regularly, or it will be hard to wash once the pulps or debris is congealed. To maintain your
juice blender, here are also some other tips for you.

1.When finishing juice blending, unplug the blender and detach the bowl and main engine.
2.If it is possible, remove off the cutter head to fully wipe off the pulps and vegetables. But don’t do that too frequently.
3.If you have disused Bluetooth brush, don’t abandon it. The brush is useful to wash some places hard to reach.
4.If the cutter is used for meat, you can break the left steamed buns into slags, and put the slags into it. The steamed buns slags can absorb minced meat.
5.As for the housing of the blender, you can just clean it with cloth. You’d better not wash it with water, or the base will be dipped in water, thus causing damage to the motor.

In terms of how to maintain juice blender, it is important to care about details that you may neglect. Hope the above tips can help you to protect your blender and prolong its service time.

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