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December 4th, 2017


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Cigarette lighter is an important part that all automobiles have. The cigarette lighter now is not only for smokers to light a cigarette but a charger for people to power up electronics. However, the only one cigarette lighter can’t meet increasingly charging requirements now. The multi-socket car cigarette lighters extend the number of cigarette lighter sockets so that you can connect more car chargers when one socket can’t meet your needs. 

You can see many types of car cigarette lighters in market now. Most of them are designed in traditional shapes. You may don’t have more choice as the only difference may lie in the number of sockets or materials. To get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh is always what BESTEK devotes to. After launching too many popular 2-socket and 3-socket cigarette lighters, BESTEK has tried to give you something different –mouse shaped car cigarette lighter for multi-directional charging. If you’re not quite clear about this newly designed cigarette lighter, here you can find more. 

Portable Mouse Shape  

When looking at the cigarette lighter, you can first think of a computer mouse and insensibly want to touch and try to click. While, the mouse is a car cigarette lighter. For electronic lovers, the mouse shape makes them look cooler and stylish when taking it out. Smooth surface makes it reflective in light and ensures good texture. 

Compact mouse shape and weight design makes the lighter portable and lightweight. It is rather easy to take and store when you’re going out for travel, business or other outdoor activities. Using the handy cigarette lighter will also be more convenient without occupying any space. New fashion mouse cigarette lighter also gives a new liveliness to your car. 

Each Side has one Socket

Similar to other car cigarette lighters, the 2-socket cigarette lighter offers two splitters for you to charge more devices. But different traditional designed car cigarette lighters, the mouse cigarette lighter has two socket uniformly distributed on each side. You can connect two lighter socket plugs without blocking others and the two directional charging provides wider space and makes it more convenient when you need to connect two other devices with the sockets at the same time. 

Independent Switches

There are two independent switches on each side which are specially designed for the two sockets. You can control the left and right socket individually without plugging in or out frequently. Just switch off the button when you don’t need to use. The sockets will be more durable and long-lasting by reducing the times of plugging in and out. 

Triple-Faced 3 USB Ports

At present, you can easy to find car cigarette lighters that have USB ports. With more and more mobile electronic devices coming into people’s life, how to handle charging problems when you’re out is what you may concern more. 

The mouse shaped cigarette lighter provides you 3 USB ports, which are enough for you to simultaneously charge up to 3 devices like cellphones, ipad, and camera, etc. Unlike other car chargers that have USB ports distributed in one line, this new USB car charger enable multiple directional charging at one time. The three USB ports are triple-faced, which is humanity designed for driver, copilot, and backseat passengers to get power for drained devices at the same time. You don’t have to worry that others may be interfered when you move the charger at your own convenience anymore. 

The three USB ports are designed with advanced IC technology. All of them can automatically identify each device and deliver the optimal current for each, thus no damages to your devices at all. Devices can also be fully charged quickly at full speed with total 4.8A.  

LCD Display

The 12V/24V cigarette lighter is specially designed with a LCD display that can monitor and display your car battery voltage and load charging current. You can know the capacity of your car battery and the charging status of your devices in time and deal with battery or charging problems to avoid damages. 

All-Around Protections

The car cigarette lighter comes with a 6A fuse that is re-settable. The fuse can automatically disconnect when the temperature is too high to protect your devices from overheating and recover to work normally when the heat is lowered. Built-in other full list of protections makes it safe to use in car and keep your devices safe from overheating, overloading, overvoltage, overcurrent, low voltage and short circuit. 

The mouse shaped cigarette lighter splitter can make things different especially when you have seen so many traditional car chargers. The new 2-socket car cigarette lighter can also allow you to charge multiple devices in car but let you do it in an easier, smarter and more humanized way. You will be cool when taking it out for travel. 

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