Are You Using Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Properly?

August 2nd, 2017


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Vacuum cleaner is a cleaning weapon for most families especially those who long for a clean and warm living environment when coming back home after a long-time hardworking. As an energy-efficient sweeper, handheld vacuum cleaners can reduce much housework, but also have potential risks if used improperly. According to expert introduction, it is harmful to use a vacuum cleaner which hasn’t been cleaned for quite a long time. Check it out here. Are you using your vacuum cleaner properly?

Stop using it this way!


Vacuum cleaners are widely used now at home or office, but some people use it improperly, thus resulting in some damages.

Use error one: keep vacuum cleaners working continuously

Some people want to fully clean the whole room and keep the cleaner working continuously for a long time. Though corded vacuum cleaners can allow you to do so, it is easy to cause overheating and damage the motor. If the machine can’t cool itself, it will be burned and influence its service life. You should let it take a break every half an hour.

Use error two: use vacuum cleaner to pick up liquids or sharp objects
Handheld vacuum cleaners can efficiently pick up small particles, but doesn’t mean it can suck in all objects. Some people use it to collect sharp objects like glasses, needles, and screws, or suck in gas, water or cigarette end. You should know that liquid may cause short-circuit and sharp objects may damage the brushes. Therefore, stop using it to clean up liquids or sharp objects for fear of damages or dangers. Use it to clean things based on its using instructions.

Use error three: still use it even there’s an abnormal sound.
Some people may never notice the sound as they think the vacuum cleaner really works loudly. But if the cleaner send out some abnormal sound, you have to pay attention to because that may be a signal of damage. When the sucker is blocked by debris or the motor is overheating, there will be loud sound to let you know. In this case, you should stop using it and check it at once. To reduce this danger, you’d better clean it regularly.

Use error four: still use dust bad with little damage
Some people are so thrifty that keep using the dust bag though it has little damage. But please don’t try to save a little but lose a lot. If you find any damage on the dust bag, you should repair or replace it at once. 

Keep these notes in mind!


To use the handheld vacuum cleaner properly, you should keep something about it in mind.
1.Read the instructions carefully and check all the accessories before you use it.
2.Check the power voltage and frequency before starting it.
3.Make sure the dust bag is clean and well placed avoid the dust getting into the motor. 
4.Don’t use it for cleaning gypsum powder, concrete, calcimine and other powder objects, or the powder will block the filter or even damage the motor.
5.Please wash it with wet duster cloth or make it stained with oil, banana water, or the vacuum housing will fade.
6.Don’t put it close to fire source or places where there’s high temperature.
7.Don’t use it to suck in water or wet objects.
8.Please unplug it if you don’t use it or want to repair it.
9.Remove the dirty in the dust bag and clean it with wet cloth after using it.
10.Check the brush in time and replace a new one if severely damaged.

handheld vacuum cleaners are useful in life, it can really be beneficial only when used in a proper way. If you’re using it improperly right now, please stop this way and keep the above ten tips in mind.

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