Recharge Your Gadgets Abroad with the Best 220V Adapter

2018-05-29 12:57:15


It is a fact that people are wild to take electronic things like cellphones, iPads, tablets, cameras, and many other gadgets to juice up the road time when traveling abroad. But it is also a problem

To recharge these devices in other countries which have different charging standards. Dont worry. The 220V adapters are right here to help you out of the power-hungry situation.



When it comes to power charging abroad, BESTEK 220V to 110V voltage adapter is the one that must be recommended to you. The 220V adapter is equipped with premium 220V to 110V power conversion, multiple charging outlets, and three plug adapters, which are all the impressive magic capability to keep all your devices on the go.


3 AC Outlets + 4 USB Ports: Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously

The BESTEK 220V travel power adapter include three AC outlets and 4 smart USB charging stations, allowing you to charge up to 7 devices at the same time. That is rather perfect for families or tech junkies to keep electronic alive in hotel and get ready before each visiting. Besides, two of the 4 USB ports are built-in advanced intelligent identification technology so that each connected device can be charged at the optimal speed tailored for them.


Premium 220V to 110V Voltage Conversion Capability

When planning to start an overseas travel, the first thing you should know is that the voltage standard varies from country to country. That means you cant always have the 110V for your US electronics abroad. So you need to transfer the 220V to 110V for your devices with the 220V adapter. BESTEK power voltage adapter can convert all countries voltage (100-240V, 50/60Hz) to US voltage (110V, 60Hz). Non matter you go, one BESTEK 220V adapter seems enough for you.


Three Plug Adapters for Worldwide Travel

Apart from voltage difference, you should also know that different country uses different plug types. So, if you want an international travel, dont forget to take the plug adapters. BESTEK 220V adapter comes with EU, UK, US, and AU plug adapters which can enable you to use in more than 150 countries all over the world.


Compact but Universal

BESTEK 220V adapter is compact and lightweight so that you can pack the item in your bag or luggage easily without occupying too much space. It is also safe to use with built-in all-around safety protections to keep your devices safe from overheating, overloading, overvoltage, short-circuit, etc. As you can see, the BESTEK 220V adapter is a versatile genius that can convert voltage perfectly, transmit optimal power for devices simultaneously, support international travel ideally and protect devices entirely.


For anyone who loves traveling and are fond of streaming videos or smartphone cameras, BESTEK 220V adapters may be your best choice to save batteries that are drains fast like sieves. For those who need to go business trip abroad, the 220V adapter is also the best helper to keep working going smoothly. Generally speaking, BESTEK 220V adapter may be the best for you to recharge all your gadgets abroad. 

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