What’s Your Cellphone Charging Method?

May 30th, 2018



When your cellphone battery run out, what the charging method will you choose?


New generations of smart phones are emerging one after another. At the same time, cell phone battery charging demands more than before, not only of the charging speed, but also the charging capacity. Intelligent cell phones costs more power because of various newly built-in mobile apps like games, shopping apps, cellphone camera software, etc. Therefore, a fast and efficient cellphone battery charging method is as important as a life straw for both the smart phone itself but for the cellphone owner.


Traditional cellphone charging methods

Dating back to 10 years ago when cellphones were still in an initial phase, we could see Nokia cellphones and other keyboard phones anywhere. If you have a cellphone then, you must charge your cellphones with a long cable connected with a socket, or remove cell phone battery and charge it with a universal battery charger.


The universal charger is so functional that it can charge for most batteries. Before the popularity of USB charger, almost all electronics were supported by batteries and there are still many battery electronics at present. It is easy to charge battery with universal charger by just removing the cellphone battery and holding it with two sheet metals correctly. But the battery life will be lost and become shorter or even scrapped if charged by universal charger for a frequently. So that is why traditional charging methods must be replaced.


Newly smart charging methods for smart phones

During ten years of rapid development, keyboard cellphones now are only popular for students and elders who need a simple and portable phone to keep in touch with families. For most modern people, it couldnt be better to have a smart phone at hand, for communication, gaming and other new applications. The traditional universal chargers cant meet the requirements of smartphones which costs battery fast and can rarely be seen in electronic market. A series of newly cellphone chargers, including corded USB charger, external battery charger and wireless charger, are flourishing like mushrooms.


1. Corded USB charger

Almost all smart phones come with a corded USB charger, usually 5V 1A or higher. The USB charger makes it easier to charge your cellphones by just connecting it and plugging it into the AC socket. USB cellphone chargers have adopted advanced QC technology or smart IC technology, to finish charging in a short time. Built-in full safety guards can protect cellphone battery against damages. Moreover, the long USB cable allows you to charge it anywhere, plug and play. This is the first cellphone charging innovation and is still widely used at the moment.


2. External battery pack

Though corded USB charger realizes quick charging without removing battery, it is somewhat messy to take it out when youre going for traveling, camping or business and you can do nothing if your cellphones is run out. External batteries or power banks are quite powerful for outdoor use. The mobile battery pack has large capacity that allows for several times of charging. Designed with more than one USB ports, some power banks can supply power for not only cellphones but ipads, digital cameras and other USB mobile electronics. External batteries are compact and portable, ideal for any outdoor activities.


3. Wireless charging

Wireless cellphone charging is the latest battery charging method to allow you to charge your cellphones without any cables. There are mainly two charging methods today including QI charging pad and battery case. The wireless charging pad realizes power transmitting though magnetic field induction and magnetic resonance. And battery case is an upgraded extended battery that also used as a protective cellphone case. It can provide extra battery for cellphones like a power bank but without cable.


The newly charging method opens a new era of cellphone charging. Up to now, Apple, Samsung, MOTO and other leading cellphone brands, all tend to embrace the newest wireless power technology. In the future, wireless cellphone charging will be the leading charging method.



Phone battery charging is always a question since the born of cell phones. From traditional universal battery charger, to nowadays corded USB charger and newest wireless charger, it is much easier and smarter for people to juice up smart phones at home or on the road. With the rapid developing of technology, believe that a more advanced cellphone battery charging method will come into life. 

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