Advantages of BESTEK 1000W Power Inverter

June 24th, 2017


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Power inverter is an electronic device that can convert direct current into household alternative current. It is widely used in automobiles. For those who should drive for a long time or those who love self-driving, a car power inverter can make it possible to use home appliances and electronic devices freely just like home. BESTEK power inverters keep ranking the top and gain increasing popularities all over the world with high quality and good customer experience. What are the advantages of BESTEK power inverter? Let’s first look at BESTEK 1000W power inverter.

Wider compatibility
High power 1000W power inverter is suitable for office, communication, emergency and other charging requirements. It can provide power energy for any smart phones, televisions, lights, fans, tablets, digital cameras, etc. BESTEK power inverters are compact and lightweight, enabling you to store it by bag, luggage or trunk. It is ideal for traveling, business, camping or emergency lighting when there’s power failure.

High conversion rate
Conversion rate of power inverter is ratio of converted alternating current and input direct current. The higher the conversion rate is, the more effective and energy-saving your power inverter will be. However, the conversion rate is always lower than 100%. But that of better power inverters always tries to be closer to the measurement.
BESTEK 1000W power inverter has 85% conversion rate, higher than many other competitors.

High quality material
BESTEK 1000W power inverter is made of high quality aviation aluminum materials which make it look more exquisite with fine craftsmanship. It is durable and insulative that you can use it even in a tough area. With strong heat dissipation capacity, the 1000W inverter can work under 40 degree high temperature and reduce the occurrence of overheating and components breakdown problems, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Super high output
car power inverter can provide 1000 watts continuous DC to AC power and 2400 watts of peak power. You can use some high power appliances and electronic devices like TV, DVD players, laptop, game system, microwaves, pumps and so on. Built-in 3 extra replaceable fuses and cooling fan, it is safe to use 1000W power inverter from BESTEK.

Full protections
BESTEK power inverter 1000W is well protected with full safety systems.
Overloading protection: when the overall load surpasses its rated power, it will start overloading protection to ensure the security of power supply and devices. 
Overcurrent protection: prevent devices from damages against overcurrent.
Overheating protection: if the temperature is too high, the temperature sensitive resistor and logical circuit can start smart protection.
Overvoltage protection: protection will be started against instantaneous voltages.
Low voltage protection: protections will be started against low voltage.
Short circuit protection: when short circuit occurs, devices can be well protected.

BESTEK 1000W power inverter is well-known for its leading advantages. It is a nice companion for traveling, camping and business trip. BESTEK car power inverters range from 75W to 2000W that can meet your various requirements.

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