Advantages of Electronic Pressure Cooker

2017-07-19 08:28:50


Pressure cooker opens a new era of cooking method. Traditional pressure cookers must be heated with open fire. You should keep eyes on it while it is cooking because it can’t stop heating up even the food is finished automatically, so it is easy to get parched or even cause pot blasting because of overcooking. Compared with traditional cookers, however, electronic cooker pots are much safer and more popular due to high quality and efficiency.

Electronic pressure cookers are multi-functional and friendly environmental. It is programmable with multiple sensors and microprocessors, so intelligent that it can replace rice cooker, porridge cooker, soup cooker, slow cooker, stew cooker and so on, to help you reduce kitchen clutter. The electronic cooker pot reduces energy consumption, beneficial for a green-conscious lifestyle. The following distinguishing advantages over traditional pressure cookers may help you understand more why electronic pressure cooker pot is a better choice.

1.   Multiple safety protection
Security is always the key point that people attach more importance to. Potential dangers exist to use a pressure container, so higher protection levels can give users higher security assurance. BESTEK electronic pressure cookers successful get rid of this concern for people with its high automatic safety protection.

* Cover opening protection: cover will be locked until all the inside pressure sends out.
* Pressure switch: automatically power off when the pressure reaches to a certain point.
* Exhaust valve: automatically power off when the pressure switch breaks down.
* Manganese: when pressure cooker breaks down, valve is blocked and inside pressure reaches to 150KPA-180KPA, the manganese will deform to let the pot cover emit air automatically.
* Other protections: overheating protection, parched protection, short-circuit protection.


2.   Intelligent processors
Electronic pressure cookers are programmable with varieties of intelligent cooking processors and operation microprocessors. The pot allows you to freely select any processor to finish multiple great dishes quickly and easily. You can make rice, porridge, soup, stew or roasting foods without using many other cooking appliances By adjusting the pressure and setting time schedule, you don’t have to spend time waiting there for the finished dishes but allow you to enjoy delicious dinner before you go to work or after you come back home. Intelligent cooker makes life smarter and easier.


3.   Energy –saving and friendly
Traditional pressure cookers need fire to finish cooking, which is a waste of energy and the exhausting is harmful to living environment. Stainless steel pressure cooker is made of high quality non-chemical materials, 304 stainless steel, durable and harmless. With time setting function, BESTEK electronic pressure cooker perfectly stops cooking when finishing one processor to reduce power energy, saving up to 70% energy than traditional ones.

4.   Easier and faster
Electronic pressure cooker makes it more convenient for people even those who can’t cook before to prepare for a good meal by just pressing one button. BESTKE pressure cooker pot has 15 intelligent processors for your option. Preset time function allows you to schedule any cooking task with up to 24 hours delayed time. You can have a good meal anytime you want. The pressure selection function enables you to adjust pressure within 30KPA or 80KPA to finish soft or tough food in a short time, reducing up to 70% cooking time than traditional cooking methods.

5.   Clean and easy to wash
Electronic pressure cookers work without voice, steam, smell, spills and no heat in the kitchen because of high sealed feature. It will be more pleasant to cook with pressure cooker. It is also detachable and washable, easy to keep it clean. All-in-one cooking pot ensures no mess in the kitchen.

If you want to find a way to change today’s fast paced life into a health-oriented and green lifestyle, you may need an electronic pressure cooker. Electronic cooker pots will guarantee you a safe and functional cooking method to keep a good living habit.

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