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August 15th, 2017


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It has arrived at the end of 2-month summer holidays. Like it or not, students have to get ready for back-to-school season. Many schools have started preparing for welcoming back-to-school-students. Some parents are even more worried than students themselves about what should be prepared before term begins because many students especially boarding school students need to study and live in school for a few months. Facing to various kinds of back-to-school goods, are you ready for what to choose? To have a better study and living environment, here are recommended 8 essential supplies necessary for back-to-school students.

LED desk lamp

For students, eye care is always what should be attached more importance to. You can see many students nowadays wear glasses. Long-time-studying has caused fading eyesight to students. So eye protection admits of no delay. Desk lamp is indispensible for students as they have to do homework at night. A high quality
LED desk lamp built in advanced side glowing technology can provide soft lightings with higher illuminance than traditional lights that can’t avoid flicking.

Lap top cooling pad
Nowadays, more and more students have the access to computers especially college students because they have to do some study or work through internet and make forms by computers. A
lap top cooling pad is the perfect computer companion who can cool down the computer’s operation temperature to ensure fast speed of internet searching and response. In addition, the cooling pad can protect computers form damages due to high temperature.

Air humidifier
Students who have to live and study in dormitory, commonly have to share a room with classmates, so a clean environment is important for their health. Long-time studying and tests often bring fatigue or upset spirits to them. To create a better living environment and help relax their body, an air purifier is a good choice. The
air humidifier can emit healthy and aroma mist by adding drops of water or oils into the room. The fragrant air can help relief nerves, stress, bad mood, and help keep a healthy body through aromatheraphy.


Bluetooth keyboard case
Computers now are widely used in schools for teachers to give a lesson and students to do homework. But computers are not that much portable. With the popularity of ipads, many students have one in bag. If you have to use computer, don’t worry. The
ipad keyboard case can switch your ipad into a portable tablet. Just pair the case with your ipad, you can type on the keyboard smoothly like a computer keyboard. The keyboard case is also ipad case cover to protect your device and support it on the desk when watching videos.

Cellphone mount holder
During communication times, cellphones have become an indispensible device for students, mainly because parents can keep contact closely with kids and kids can also have little entertainment after study. The 3-in-1 functional magnetic
cellphone holder is suitable for desk or bed, allowing students enjoy videos in different position at the optimal angle.

Surge protector
How many power sockets in one dormitory are limited. If each student has more than one electric device, the overall socket can’t meet the whole charging requirements. A power strip can deal with such problems. But for safety of students, a
surge protected power strip is much better. A surge protector can not only provide multiple charging stations including outlets and USB ports, but can fully protect students and devices from damages or fire caused by lightning or surges.

Coffee Maker
Coffee can give stimulating effect to make people refreshed. Drinking coffee is also a way of creating a better lifestyle. Students have to spend much of their time on studying. A
coffee maker is portable and easy to use. Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning can help students concentrated on study all day long, and can also make school life more colorful, which is really a perfect combine of study and rest.

Still confused what to prepare for yourself or your kids in the coming back-to-school season? A good suit of back-to-school equipment should be helpful to students’ health, study and life. Students should work hard on study but should also have fun to release themselves in spare time. If you’re not ready, you can get some ideas from the above suggestions.

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