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July 19th, 2017


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Have you ever given up cooking a great meal at home because of spending too much time? Have you ever kept away from the kitchen and just waited for the ordered takeout on account of poor cooking capacity? Some people may think of electronic pressure cooker which can provide you a meal fast, nevertheless afraid of safety accidents. 

In today’s modern world, everyone seems living a fast life. Many people the office cooker, prefer to have a meal in a fast food restaurant or call for a takeout and enjoy the meal in office. They don’t chose to cook at home because it takes too much time to cook a delicious meal in a short time without compromising the quality and flavor of food. Moreover, some people even can’t cook at all, so it is of avail though they have enough time.

If you’re among those who want to cook but worried about the long cooking time or lack of good cooking skill, try this BESTEK upgraded electronic. No matter you’re a cooker who is stopped by time, or are zero-based in cooking, you can also become a household chef with this BESTEK programmable pressure cooker.

Replace Common Kitchen Appliances with 8 Controlled Programs
This pressure cooker pot is program to equip with 8 controllable programs, including rice, porridge, multigrain, tenderloin mutton, chicken duck, soup, bean tendon and even cake. The new cake program is ideal for soft and moist cakes. You can make sweets for your kids at home easily. Extra Nutritious Cooking allows you to cook a healthy meal by the circulation selection of cooking modes, respectively including Stew Egg, stew Disserts, Steamed Spareribs and Steamed Fish. BESTEK pressure cooker pot enables you to stew or steam. No matter you want to eat rice, porridge, cereals, meals, sweet cakes, or nutritious soup, it is easy to make it by a simple pressing and selection on the programmable panel, even for a newbie.

Wake Up with a Fresh Meal with Powerful Time Schedule Function
This pressure cooker features a flexible time schedule function so that you can prepare for a meal in advance. That helps a lot for those who have to work early or come back home late. Before you go to bed or leave for work, you can preset the cooking time from 00:00 to 23:55. After you add food into the pot and finish selecting the time, pressure and program, the pressure cooker start counting down and you can enjoy a meal when you wake up or come back home. With this smart electronic pressure cooker pot, you can have a safe and delicious meal at home anytime you want. What’s more, its Warm Keeping function ensures you fresh food all the time.

Feel Safe with Full Protections
Cooking with a pressure cooker may be a little bit daunting when you hear about a pressure cooking security accidents. To eliminate this problem, BESTEK stainless steel pressure cooker is ready for fighting all potential dangers with built-in full safety protections.

1.    Open-ended Sensor Protection
All cooking operation modes will be detected by this sensor. The buzzer will alarm and the cooker will automatically power off when the sensor is open-ended.

2.    Sensor-short Protection
The pressure cooker will send out alarm for ten times when it is in a sensor-short situation and will shut down automatically.

3.    Parched Protection

There will be an alarm along with a flashlight if the cooker pot is detected in a dry burning situation. Commonly it is deemed to dry burning if the variation of detected temperature surpasses 52 AD per 50s.

4.    Over-Heating Protection

When the temperature is over 217 degree, the light will flash and comes with a loud alarm sound. You can stop it by pressing the Warm/off button.

5.    Pressure Switch Failure Protection

When the pressure switch breaks down and the temperature is 62 degree, you can be informed by the flashlight and loud alarm.

6.    Automatic Power Off Function
The pressure cooker will automatically switch off and return to the standby status if no pressure on in case of damages to device.

An Energy-Efficient Kitchen Helper
All the components, including the inner pot, of BESTEK pressure cooker is made of heavy-duty brushed 304 stainless steel materials without any chemical coatings, which are FDA listed. It is an energy-efficient kitchen cooker with 8 smart programs and time setting. There is a large LED display to make it easier for you to see the cooker process. And the microprocessors allow you to adjust the cooking status, Heat, Pressure Maintaining and Keep Warm. Included cooking pot, lid and steam rack are detachable and dishwasher safe, easier to keep everything clean. If you’re still confused how to cook, don’t worry. Here is a pressure cooker manual and recipe to help you quick start a cooking process.

Becoming a skilled cooker is not difficult if you’re supported with a good kitchen assistant. BESTEK programmable stainless steel electronic pressure cooker is such a friendly and smart cooker that gonna help you to be a chef at home in a short time. Still having meal outside door? Why not having a programmable electronic pressure cooker to enjoy safe and healthy meal at home every day?

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