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BESTEK 12V 24V Cigarette Lighter 3.7m/12.1ft

BESTEK 12V 24V Cigarette Lighter 3.7m/12.1ft

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Color: Black

BESTEK extension cord for cigarette lighter socket is designed to extend your 12V power source to make it more convenient for you to charge both home appliances and car appliances.

Extension Cord for High Quality
The extension cord is made from grade wire and high quality connectors on the ends, ensuring to hold charging devices tightly. Protective plastic shell is designed with 2*4 mm electric wires. The item is durable enough to have a long lifespan.

Cigarette Lighter Power Cord with High performance
The cigarette lighter socket can extend your 12V~24V power source to both home appliances and car appliances. With male to female cigarette lighter socket, the cigarette charger is applicable to multi types of charging plugs.

Heavy Duty Extension Cords
Adapter Cable is fully over-molded to the connectors which greatly improves strength and durability over non-molded cables

Compact Cigarette LIghter Plug Adapter
The cord can extend to 3.7m/12.1ft long and you can charge appliances even in the back seat. It is ultra-light and small sized and you can roll it up, easy to carry and store in bag or luggage.

Package List
1 x cigarette lighter plug

Extended Cord Length: 3.7m/12.1ft
Wire sizes: 2 x 4 mm2
Input voltage: DC10V-32VDC
Output rated current: 30A
The maximum output current: 35A
Output voltage: DC10V-32VDC
Color: black


Q: What is the wire gauge?
A: It's slightly smaller than AWG10 THHN and considerably larger than AWG12. Best guess...it's metric 4 square mm. I haven't counted, but the stranding is fine enough that it's not overly stiff. Of course, I can only describe the example I received a few weeks ago (YMMV), but I've had pretty good luck with Bestek in the past. And it is real copper--none of that clad aluminum garbage
Q: Will it fit Mercedes Benz?
A: Most automobile cigarette lighter, now "Power" receptacles, are universal. 4mm squared wire is between 12 and 10 AWG wire. The cord is rated for 30 amps. Before connecting that big a load, check the size of the fuse for the lighter/Power circuit. It should be in the Owner's Manual. The size of the fuse is set to protect the automobile's wires going to the cigarette lighter to prevent heat melting the insulation and causing a short circuit, possibly resulting in a fire.
Q: I actually need to plug 2 of these together to get the length i need, is that possible ?
A: You can plug 2 together, however; the longer the wire the more amp draw at the unit is supplying. You have to be careful with how much amp draw you have.


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