BESTEK Cordless Vacuum V.S . BLACK + DECKER

July 25th, 2017


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Handheld vacuum cleaners have become an important part of smart home improvements. Corded vacuums are widely used at home, but right now, cordless vacuum manufacturers are emerging and have gained an increasing number of popularities. Cordless vacuum cleaners can efficiently but effortlessly pick up small particles, pet hair, and can keep air fresh by filtering, It reliefs two hands and reduce housework tiredness to help make life easier.

Among so many handheld vacuum cleaners, BLACK + DECKER cordless cleanings are one of the top vacuum cleaner brands. However, in terms of high quality and good performance, there’re still many other up-rising products equipped with powerful features and worth to buy. Choosing a good vacuum cleaner should consider various factors, but more attention should be paid to its quality and using experience. In fact, with technology improving, many new cleanings have been built in advanced innovations to provide you better experience. Here, let’s make BESTEK as one of those new cordless vacuums and compare it to the BLACK + DECKER, to help you know more about cordless handheld vacuum cleaners and choose the best one for your home.



By comparing BESTEK cordless vacuum and BLACK + DECKER vacuum, it can be concluded that the both the two vacuums are powerful enough to keep a home cleaning. Each one has its own advantages.

Important Note Explanation

Here are several important notes that you should know about a cordless vacuum cleaner. These notes will be helpful when you’re planning to choose the best vacuum cleaner.


1.  Suction power
Suction power directly decides the power of a vacuum cleaner to suck in the dirt and dirty. The higher suction power a vacuum has, the stronger it will be. But in fact, a vacuum with around 100W and 3.5KPa or so is enough for both home and car use.

2.  Charging time
The vacuum cleaner should be charged every time after it is used. The less time it takes to fully charge the cleaner, the more energy you can save. BESTEK vacuum cleaners only needs 5~6 hours to get fully charged, about 2 hours faster than most of the other vacuums.

3.  Run time
Run time is also an important factor to evaluate a cordless vacuum cleaner. Cordless vacuums are battery-powered, so longer run time can allow you to pick up more particles in a wider area.

4.  Extension tube
You may find it difficult to reach to some corners with a cordless vacuum. To get rid of this concern, some handheld vacuum cleaners have extra extension tubes to make the cleaner longer so that you can use it to reach somewhere hard to reach. 

5.  Battery charger
Cordless vacuum cleaners are rechargeable. You can charge it with a general charger at home. For easier use in car, BESTEK provides an extra car charger that enables you to charge the cleaner in car anytime you want on the road.

6.  Charger Input voltage
The input voltage of vacuum charger determines whether it is suitable to use in your country, so you should know it before you choose one. But right now, some vacuum cleaners can support international use with 110V~240V input voltage. No matter which country you are, you can use it freely.

The two cordless vacuums have their own advantages. Which one to buy relies on what requirements you have. There are plenty of corded and cordless handheld vacuum cleaners in market. You should take more points into consideration when choosing a suitable handheld vac.

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