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July 21st, 2017


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Smart electronic devices make life easier. However, more electronics mean more cable clutters. A high quality life should be not only easier, but well-organized and elegant. A power strip with multiple charging stations can help you deal with this mess and keep every home appliance and mobile electronic on go safely. A good power strip should not only feature powerful performances but with special designs. Isn’t it agreeable to see your electronics on the desk life an artwork? Most innovated BESTEK power strips are equipped with leading technologies and fine workmanship with the hope of making your life easier and cozier.

BESTEK Vertical Power Strip
vertical surge protected power strip can stand firmly on the desk like a tower. It has four flat surfaces each with 2 wide-spaced AC outlets, allowing you to charge multiple devices form each direction without interfering others. Also the two USB small surfaces come with overall 6 smart USB charging ports with max 2.4A per port. The desktop power strip is built-in 1500 Joules surge protection and full safety protections to ensure you a safe environment.

BESTEK Circular Power Strip
circular power strip is designed with 6 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports. You can charge up to 10 devices at the same time. Its 10 charging stations are distributed evenly with wide-space. Don’t worry about interference when charging multiple devices simultaneously. The smart USB ports adopted the advanced IC technology and Qualcomm Quick Charger so that each port can automatically detect and deliver the optimal speed, saving up to 75% time. Fire-resistant and safety guarded, the circular power strip is safe to use at home or office.


BESTEK Lovely Piggy Power Strip
This power strip looks like a group of lovely piggy. It has 6 AC outlets evenly distributed and 2 USB ports on the base. Multiple charging devices allow you to power up to 8 devices at the same time without bothering each other. 740 Joules surge protection can terminate power transmission automatically if the surge occurs. Built-in EMIT noise filter technology makes the
6-outlet power strip eliminate buzzing sound when used with audio or video devices.

BESTEK Rotatable Power Strip
The power strip is designed with 120 degree rotation. It can firmly stand on the desk when you adjust it as a triangle with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports on each surface, or lie on the table like a usual household surge protector. This
rotatable surge protected power strip is compact and durable, ideal for both home and office use.


BESTEK Tower Power Strip
tower power strip is newly designed surge protector, also similar to a beautiful vase and an umbrella when looked down. It has six surfaces with overall 6 AC outlets distributed on three surfaces and 3 USB ports on another surface along with a type-C charger. Wide-spaced charging stations enable you to charge up to 10 devices at the same time. Built-in full safety protections, the tower power strip can protect your devices against damages.

BESTEK Snail USB Charger
USB charging device is designed with 3 smart USB ports and 1 type-C charging station, allowing you to charge almost all android and iPhone smart phones, as well as iPads. Built-in smart IC technology and new low standby power technology, the snail USB charger can charge devices with fast speed automatically and make standby power approx. to less than 0.1W. It is compact and portable, perfect for household or traveling use.

The above 5 BESTEK creative power strip chargers are functional with good performance and unique with special designs. Troubled with home mess because of too many home appliances and mobile devices? Try uniquely designed power strips and USB chargers to make your life smart and easier.

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