BESTEK Electronic Pressure Cooker V.S. Instant Pot

July 19th, 2017


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You may like cooking but fail to do that because of lack of time, so electronic pressure cooking is such a good choice for them to enjoy cooking a meal without devoting too much time and energy. Multi-cooker is a useful kitchen appliance equipped with various advantages.

1.It allows you to have plenty of cooking functions, stew, steamer, slow cooking, pressure cooking, rice cooking, browning, etc.
2.The programmable cooker saves time and energy. It can finish the dish quickly and efficiently.
3.Cooker parts are detachable for easier cleanup.
4.It can reduce kitchen clutter to replace a slow cooker, steamer, pressure cooker, rice cooker and so on.
5.Electronic cooker pot is safer than traditional cookers with built-in multiple safe mechanisms.

There are many pressure cooker manufacturers and instant pot is one of those leading
electronic pressure cooker pot brands. Stainless steel pressure cooker is a complex functional item that needs higher technologies. Few cooker manufacturers can really do a great job in this point. After years of studying and cultivating, BESTEK recently releases an updated electronic pressure cooker with more intelligent programs and safety mechanisms. Instant pot ranks the top in current market. Now let’s look at the comparison between instant pot and BESTEK new electronic pressure cooker.

BESTEK & Instant Pot




Table Notes Explained

1.Some pressure cookers have inner pots made of composite coating. But this kind of inner pot is difficult to wash and the chemical coating is harmful to health. Stainless steel materials make inner pot is more durable and safer without chemical coating. BESTEK pot and instant pot adopt the high quality 304 stainless steel materials. Feel assured to use them.

2.Pressure cooker allows multi-cooking modes and micro-processors. Different pots are equipped with different functions. You can check BESTEK pot and instant pot as follows:
Both BESTEK pot and Instant pot allow you to slow cooking, rice cooking, steam cooking, browning. BESTEK pot provides more specific fucntions like Chichen/Duck, Cake, Steamed egg, Steamed Fish, Steamed Spareribs, etc. Even those people who are not good at cooking before can use it with facility.


3.BESTEK pressure pot has 30Kpa and 80Kpa pressure modes and instant pot has High (10.2 ~ 11.6psi)/Low (5.8 ~7.2 psi). Both can reduce up to 75% cooking time.

4.BESTEK pressure cooker pot is equipped with pressure holding time which means the preset pressure can be kept for some time (1~60 minutes) to cook food faster while without compromising nutrition.

5.Both the two can preset cooking time with up to 24 hours to have dish finished as you desired.

6.Security is what people are concerned more about when using a pressure cooker. To eliminate this scruple, high quality pressure cooker pots are built-in advanced safety mechanisms – safety lid lock, excessive pressure protection, anti-blockage vent, extreme temperature and power protection, anti-parched, short-circuit protection. Apart from these safety protections, BESTEK pot is designed with manganese that can deform when pressure is extremely high so that the pressure can emit itself without threatening security.

Which multi-functional pressure cooker do you think is the best for you? Before you decide which to buy, you should learn to compare them and find the best one that fits your preference. No matter what you choose, the one you choose should be more functional and safer to use.

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