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August 7th, 2017



You may have heard that lightning and spikes have caused many damages to home appliances and even can threaten people’s lives. On Aug 4th, a surveillance video showed us that a worker in the airport was knocked off his feet by a bolt of lightning, sending a current through the plane’s fuselage.  For fear of safety accidents, you have learnt to keep cautious when using home appliances or electronic devices. 

Power strips seem the first best choice for modern families who have various appliances and electronics to use while the number of wall sockets is limited. But in front of the lightning and spikes, common power strips can’t effectively protect your devices. Instantaneous peak of current can cause fire and electronic shock, so surge protector, an updated power strip that can well protect you and your devices against lighting and surges are rather important at present.

For the safety of your family, you should have surge protectors at home. Have you got it? BESTEK surge protectors are favored by many people because of reliable performance and safety guards. Here are 7 top surge protectors that have stood the test of customers:
8-outlet surge protector, 12-outlet surge protector, desktop surge protector, 8-outlet surge protector mountable, 6-outlet surge protector with charging dock, circular surge protector, 4-outlet surge protector.



It is the goal of BESTEK to make your life safer and easier with the help of small appliances. With years of researching and developing, BESTEK have seized the advanced surge protection technology and poured into the design and produce process only to provide you the real reliable surge protected power strips.

In the face of natural, human beings are so insignificant that you can do nothing to stop the occurrence of accidents; however, the power for science to serve mankind is so limitless that you can fight against it to create a safe and happy world. Typhoon strike is dangerous, but weather forecast can send you the signal of danger to reduce damage. Lightning is threatening but you can avoid the damages it may give to you by using of high quality surge protector that can automatically cut off the power when there are spikes or surges.

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