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June 8th, 2017


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The power converter is a perfect travel companion for those who are going traveling worldwide. It is also a nice helper for those who have to do business overseas. Electronics converters are needed anytime when your devices are dying. Power converters are good at transforming voltage, current and frequency of electronic energy. BESTEK power converter is functional in converting 110V to 220V to allow charging US or JP items in Europe, Austria, China and any country with standard 220V voltage. No matter you have mobile devices, or home appliances, BESTEK power converter can provide safe and continuous power to keep everything on the go.

Have you met the following problems?

1.    It is too slow to charge mobile devices like cellphones, tablets, camera, etc.
2.    The outlets can’t meet all the charging requirements that are run out of power at the same time.
3.    Devices are damaged when using a power converter.
4.    More extra plug adapters must be taken if you travel from one country to another.
5.    It is too bulky to take a heavy power converter and occupy your luggage space.
6.    The cord is too short that you can’t charge devices beside the sofa.

Upgraded BESTEK power converter is gonna help you!

If you have encountered the above problems or are troubled with those problems right now, just take a look at BESTEK upgraded power converter. Upgraded BESTEK power converter has been improved in its performances and customer experience in order to provide you a better charging experience in a foreign country.

To reach to a higher charging level,
BESTEK power converter was made of high-end fire-resistant and oxidized materials to make it more durable and portable. Built-in the advanced multiprotect technology and smart IC technology, BESTEK power converter is much smarter and safer. To have a freer and enjoyable overseas traveling, it is necessary to have a real good power converter with reliable brand and high quality. As a leading high-tech electronic brand, BESTEK is ready to stay by your side all the way.

Features of upgraded BESTEK power converter
BESTEK power converter has reached to a new charging level with high quality and better performances.

More perfect for travellers
The BESTEK 110V to 220V power converter comes with three extra plug adapters, so you can get US, AU, EU, and UK plugs at the same time. No matter which country you want to go, it is enough to charge any 110V electronics or appliances with one such BESTEK power converter. It is more convenient and more cost-effective.

Higher Conversion rate
The conversion rate of upgraded power converter has reached up to 92% which is 1~2% higher than others. Higher conversion rate ensure you a more efficient and continuous current supply, and help you save energy and money at the same time.

Multi charging outlets
The voltage converter is designed with 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. It can meet you multi charging requirements at the same time. No worry about charging cellphones, tablets, cameras, music players that are dying simultaneously.

Smarter USB charger
The 4 USB chargers can provide rated 4.2A, max 6A current in total and max 2.4A for each port. Built-in advanced IC technology, the USB ports can automatically detect and deliver the optimal current for each port. It is much faster to fully charge your devices. 

Multi Protection Technology
BESTEK power converter is TÜV SÜD listed and NRTL tested to provide a more reliable and safer charging environment. Built-in multiple protection systems against overcurrent, over/low voltage, surge or spikes, overheating and short-circuit. Overheating protection along with cooling fans allow you to use it in a middle latitude country or in a special environment with high temperature.

More Compact and Portable
Upgraded power converter is compact and portable with small size (6x3x1.57 inches) and around 1 pound light weight. It is easier to pack it up in a bag or a luggage without occupying any space.

Longer power cord
With 5 feet detachable power cable, it is easier to charge devices around the house as you like. Besides, you don’t need to worry about room clutter with too many short charging cables.

More upgraded performances of BESTEK power converter are waiting for you to discover with a real thing!

If you’re planning an international travel with your family, friends or scheduled an overseas business trip, just consider choosing a portable travel power converter with a reliable brand, high quality and improved performances.

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