BESTEK Pressure Cooker Review on Social Media

July 21st, 2017


Bestek Product News


As BESTEK upgraded pressure cooker was released, we would like to invite worldwide reviewers to test our products on social media

Product Information

Product Link:    http://amzn.to/2uggSK7

Package List

(1)     Pressure cooker × 1

(2)     Lid × 1

(3)     Sealring × 1

(4)     Inner Pot × 1

(5)     AC Power Cord × 1

(6)     Measuring Cup × 1

(7)     Ladle × 1

(8)     Soup Ladle × 1

(9)     Condensation Collector × 1

(10)   Steamer Tray × 1

(11)   User Manual × 1

(12)   Recipes × 1


Information you may want to know

1.       Advantages of electronic pressure cooker.

2.       BESTKE Electronic Pressure Cooker V.S. Instant Pot

3.       How to use BESTEK electronicpressure cooker



1.     Main features comparison

2.     Cook food using BESTEK pressure cooker

3.     Live show

4.     Unboxing

5.     How-to (use BESTEK pressure cooker, make food, clean it, try different functions, fix it, distinguish the true pressure cooker with fake ones, etc.)

6.     Test

7.     Tips and tricks

8.     Recipes cooked by BESTEK pressure cooker

9.     Advantages

10.   Functions need to be improved

11.   Why you choose pressure cooker to cook

12.   Accessories for pressure cooker

13.   Funny food and cooking fails

14.   Your favorite food

15.   The easiest food you have cooked

16.   What kind of food you can cook in short time

17.   Some points you know but others may not know

18.   Clean speed

19.   Which pressure cooker you will buy?

20.   Gift for mom/girlfriend/Others

21.   Best home appliance or kitchen gadgets

22.   Minute Meals

23.   You can try to cook traditional food in different countries

24.   Keep nutrition for newbies/pets

25.   Challenge the impossible food/tasks

26.   Recipes websites collections

27.   What you care most for pressure cooker?

28.   Answers for frequent questions collections

29.   How it changes your life?

30.   Stories about pressure cooker

31.   Others



If you belong to any one of following roles, please feel free to contact us to review the pressure cooker or other products. We will pick up some reviewers from Rafflecopter and Emails.

1.       Facebook page admin

2.       Facebook group admin

3.       Social media reviewer

(1)     Facebook

(2)     Twitter

(3)     Instagram

(4)     YouTube

(5)     Google+

4.       Influencer

5.       Editor or Blogger

6.       Forum active user

Enter information on Rafflecopter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you choose to send us email ( contact@bestekmall.com ), please contains following information. 

1.       Name

2.       Resource link (Any one is OK, more is better)

(1)     Facebook Page Link

(2)     Facebook Group Link

(3)     Facebook Personal Link

(4)     Twitter link

(5)     Instagram link

(6)     YouTube Channel link

(7)     Google+ link

(8)     Website or Blog link

(9)     Forum link

3.       Shipping address

(1)     Receiver Name

(2)     Phone Number

(3)     Address

BESTEK reserves all rights to judge and determine an applicant's acceptance into this activity.

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