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August 16th, 2017


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When it comes to car mount holder, you may firstly think of cellphone mount holder usually used for GPS function. In fact, with the popularity of ipads and tablets, car mount holders are not only for cellphones. Car headrest tablet mount holder makes it more convenient for the backseat to enjoy audios and videos while no need to hold the device by hand all the way.

For private car users,
car tablet holders even seem more functional especially when you’re going out for a long self-travel or with kids. To spend the long boring driving time, adults can play games and kids can keep quiet to watch videos. That helps to relief stress or bad mood from work and life. Car tablet holders can firmly mount to the headrest, so just get a car tablet mount holder and have fun comfortably without raising head up. As you know, long time of head lowering can give rise to cervical pain. Therefore, car tablet mount holder is helpful in providing mobile fun and preventing cervical pain.

To make driving travel happier is a goal of BESTEK. BESTEK power inverter, cigarette lighter, jump starter and other in-car accessories are all ready to help deal with problems and provide convenience for car users on the road. BESTEK have launched several types of tablet mount holders, gooseneck tablet holder for home and office use, clip mount holder for desk and cabinet use, and the headrest tablet holder specially designed for car.

car headrest mount holder is compatible with iPad2/3/4/iPad Air/2/iPad Mini 1/2/3/4 and other 7-10 inch Tablets, no matter it is Samsung or Apple. The holder is adjustable and rotatable with 360 degree so that you can swivel it freely to find the optimal viewing angle in the most comfortable position. Don’t worry about shaking or vibration on bumpy toad as the tablet holder can firmly mount to the headrest with a nob in its back that allows for tightening. The mount holder for tablet can be used for both back and front headrest to let anybody in a car have fun.

In the market, there are many kinds of car tablet mount holder brands. To choose a good tablet holder, you should pay attention to its compatibility, size, stabilities and price. The most important point is stability. You can test the stability when driving a car. Many tablet holder manufacturers announce that their products are much stable even when the car is on a bumpy road. But most of those holders shake and violate severely. If your tablet holder is like this, you may get a poor one. You’ll feel dizzy if watching videos with a shaking screen.

To make driving funnier and protect your cervical, you need a car tablet mount holder. To make you feel more comfortable in car especially for those who have carsickness, you should choose a good tablet holder that can keep stable no matter how the road is. Tablet mount holder is not a must-have but necessary. A few pennies can ensure you a better driving travel. Why not having a try?

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