Is it Really That Easy to Charge Cellphones in Car?

June 20th, 2017



For cellphone lovers, no battery is the biggest trouble. Have you ever encountered such a situation where your cellphone is dying when the game is still on or an important call suddenly stops because of no battery? You should count yourself lucky as you’re in a car that can provide power for your devices.

Almost each car has a USB connector. But don’t be anxious to power the phone with the USB port easily just plugging in and plugging out. For those who have to spend plenty of time in car, it is important to be aware of something about proper cellphone charging in car.

You have to use a car charger though the car has USB connector itself.

Most people feel confused that why an extra
car charger is needed as the car has a USB connector already. That is because the USB connector included originally in car is not designed for cellphones or other mobile devices but for audio or video data transmission. Most of the car USB port only supports DC 5V 0.5A. If your cellphone is charged with such a low current for a long time, it is easy to get damaged. So, a car charger is necessary in car to provide standard current for your devices.

The output current of the car charger should be higher the phone’s rated max input current.
You have to buy a car charger that can support higher output current than the max input current rate of your cellphone. For example, your cellphone rates 5V/1A. If your car charger is 5V/2.1A, then it can provide standard 5V/1A current for your phone. However, if you have a 5V/0.5A car charger, it can only provide 0.5A current for your phone. That will takes more time to fully charge your phone and easier to cause overheating that will damage your device. So, choose a high quality
USB car charger with enough output current.


It won’t run down the car battery when car stalls
Some cars keep providing power even the car stalls, but some don’t. Some people are afraid that the car stalling will damage the car battery, so they unplug all the car chargers once the car stalls. In fact, there’s no current output when no devices are connected with car charger and the loss of battery is so tiny that can be neglected.

It is the current not the number of USB ports that determines the charging speed.
Some people think that the more USB ports the car charger has, the slower it will be to fully charge your cellphone. That is wrong. It is the current that determines the speed of cellphone charging. But you have to choose a reliable and suitable car charger that has enough overall current output so that each port can have enough output for your device.

No matter you’re a cellphone lover or a driver that has to spend lots of time in car, don’t be so anxious to get your phone plugged and charged when it is dying, however, it is not that easy as you think only to plug in and plug out. Charge your phone in car properly.

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