Common Questions & Reasons of Using Power Inverter

June 13th, 2017


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Power inverters are usually equipped with protective circuits against over voltage, low voltage, overcurrent, etc. As an electronic device, however, the power inverter still can’t shut out some questions to occur when used. Here are some common questions you may meet when using a power inverter in car. Knowing how these questions happen can help you suit the remedy to the case.

Question one: alarm signal is sent out once you plug a device
Sometimes the
power inverter are working normally with correct indicator light and proper output, however, it sends our alarm signal with red light once you plug a device within its rated power. That is because car battery is too low to support charging. In that case, the loading power is higher than that of the battery output, and the battery voltage is reduced to a low voltage within low voltage protection. If that occurs, it means that you should power up your car battery.

Question two: your plugged device is charged normally but there is still alarm signal.
Sometimes you find it strange that all things including the power inverter and the charged devices go well, but you still hear the alarm signal. If so, you should check whether you are using it in an improper way.

1.    It is because the battery is low and not within the low voltage protection. You can hear alarm sound but your devices are still working normally. In this case, you can power your battery or reduce the loads.

2.    If you’re using a modified power inverter, you should confirm whether the input wire is too thin. If so, you’d better change a thick wire. Besides, wire length is also important, so if you use a modified one, you’d better choose a wire with suitable thickness and length.


Question three: there is no output when the power inverter is connected.
This may be because your battery is overcharged, thus leading to an over voltage. If it happens along with alarm sound, then it is because low voltage.

Question four: the fan doesn’t work when the power inverter is connected.

The fan of a power inverter is controlled by its output power. In another word, the speed of inverter fan is determined by the loads. That can reduce quiescent current and noise. Usually the fans are designed to work when the load is over 100W, so it is normal when the fan doesn’t work if the load is less than 100W.


Question five: the power inverter turns off automatically when the devices are connected but return to normal when re-start it without connecting any device.
That may be caused due to the following three reasons.

1.    The overall load is too high that the car inverter can’t support. So, the overloading protection functions to cut off the power and protect your devices. For example, if you have a 300W power inverter and use it to charge a 350W device, it will turn of itself.
2.    The power inverter has low peak current. Commonly, the peak power of a car inverter is 2 times high of rated power. For example, BESTEK
300W power inverter has 700W peak power and 150W has 360W peak power. The inverter won’t work If the overall load exceeds its peak current.
3.    The power inverter has low rated power. If you have a 75W power inverter and you want to charge devices with overall 300W, it will also turn off itself.

Some questions of using power inverter are easy to occur with little carefulness. Knowing why these questions happen and how you can do to avoid that is important to use an electronic power inverter and other electronic devices. Use it properly and keep life safe.

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