Differences between Traditional Power Strips and Smart Power Strips

2017-08-03 01:15:00


Power strips plays an important role in life especially when various home appliances and mobile devices are emerging quickly. With intelligent technology developing rapidly, almost everything around us is added the word “smart” or “intelligent”. Smart entrance guard, smart light, smart appliances, smart door viewer and many other smart equipments together are tending to realize home automation. As an indispensible part of modern life, power strips are also unwilling to lag behind.

Smart power strip is more and more popular recently, but many people have vague definition of it. Both smart power strips and traditional power strips allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time. However with time going by, smart power strips are deemed to replace the traditional power strips in the near future. Why? You may understand after knowing the difference between traditional power strips and smart power strips.


Most traditional power strips are made of recycled plastic materials or colored materials, so traditional strips yellows or get mottled. Such power strips are easy to fade and cause potential hazards to human safety once used for a long time.

Smart power strips are usually made of high quality PC materials with pure color, which looks more beautiful, safer and more environmental friendly.

Line board materials
The line board materials determine the power conductivity of a power strip to a great extent. Most traditional power strips use 1.5mm copper sheets that have poor hardness. Conductivity will decrease with service cycle. However, smart power strips adopt high quality 0.6mm phosphor bronze materials that have better hardness to ensure higher conductivity. Besides, phosphor bronze materials eliminate low heat when working, thus expending lifespan of power strips.


Traditional power strips can meet the basic charging requirements but have common safety and stability. Most traditional power strips have no safety shutters. At present, many power strip manufacturers adopt the advanced technology for the purpose of providing high safety guarantee and multiple functions to meet requirements of different users. Compared to traditional power strips, smart power strips have safety shutters and full protection systems to protect your devices against overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, short-circuit, etc.

The above three factors explain the difference between traditional power strips and smart power strips. About the definition of smart power strips, maybe you still feel confused. There is a saying that a smart power strip is strip that has additional USB ports. In fact, not all SUB power strips are intelligent power strips. Smart power strips should include smart USB ports built in intelligent recognition IC chip.


BESTEK concentrates on research and development of advanced technology. In terms of intelligent
USB power strip, BESTEK gives its own definition about it: a smart power strip is an electrical device designed with smart USB ports for smart electronic devices and can automatically detect and deliver the optimal current for each port, thus making it faster to fully charge mobile devices.

Smart USB power strips are now more and more popular in common families. Smart power strips performs better than traditional power strips with better materials, higher built-in technologies and safety systems. A smart power strip is doomed to make contributions to a better lifestyle in the future.

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