Extension Cords You Use Everyday

2017-06-23 03:37:46


When it comes to extension cord, you may doubt that is it a new electronic device? Yes, it is an electronic device, and you need to use it almost every day! Extension cord is an electrical wire which is also called charging cable used to extend the power cord length. Every time when you want to charge your phones, tablets and other electronic devices, or when you want to cook, to use refrigerator, air conditioner, and watch TV, you need extension cord that connect device with power source.

A standard
extension cord is designed with one or more wires coated by plastic or PVC insulation material, and includes two ends. One end is an input plug electronic device or appliances for receiving current and the other end is a plug that can be plugged in the socket or outlet. The two ends used to directly plug with socket or devices have a wide range based on different appliances or electronics.

According to specific appliances or electronics, there are several extension code types. For example, home appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, and warm heaters, need to use extension cords with three prong ends, some basic household devices like lightings, simple power strips, only need two prong extension cords. While common electronics like smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, need to use USB extension cord. Recent years, there is coming out extension cords with multiple charging ports that can allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time, and others like extension cords that used to support multi-charging requirements, like power strips.

With an increasing number of car users, people tend to use electronics in car. Then here comes cigarette lighter socket extension cord. At present, car accessories like power inverter, jump starter, cigarette lighter, make it more convenient for users to charge electronics and appliances in car as these devices are often equipped with USB ports and AC outlets. A extension cord with cigarette lighter socket can make it possible to convert car battery into useful power for electronics and make it easier to support many passengers’ charging requirements and even for the backseats.

There are so many kinds of extension cords. It is not difficult to choose one suitable for you. For different practical requirements of users, extension cord varies in length and size. For more convenience and ease, like going out for traveling or you want to use it for simple jobs, then you can choose an extension cord with short length. For complex project use, or for wider charging areas, you can choose long extension cord. Extension cords also differ in sizes. Some extension cords are thick with thick wires inside and some are thinner with single wires. Thick cords are used for high electronic loads and thinner cords, on the other hand, are used of lower electronic loads. Household appliances like electric cooker, microwaves, refrigerators, often use thick extension cords, and electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, can be charged with thinner cords.

So far, are you still confused with
extension cable? Extension cords are anywhere that can be used any time. Extension cords may be simple, but they are indispensible, especially in the electronic and information era. While using an extension cord also has hazards. This will be talked in another article. 

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