Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – a Good Home Cleaning Keeper

July 26th, 2017


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Home cleaning is a tiresome house work that you need to do it regularly with effort, or your home will be messy. Household vacuum cleaners are popular with housewives and have become indispensible home appliances to keep a clean and sweet living environment. Why does handheld vacuum cleaner can gain flavors of sharp-sighted housewives? That is because the handheld vacuum cleaner is a cleaning weapon equipped with many outstanding features to help them reduce housework.

What’s a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner is en electronic housing sweeper which can suck up dust and dirt anywhere at home by air pump in an easier way than that used to. The vacuum cleaner can be corded or cordless with a dust bag to collect dirt. The vacuum cleaner is portable and lightweight to allow you hold and use it effortlessly. Switch on and start cleaning, easy to operate. Handheld vacuum cleaners are widely used nowadays for multiple areas.

Features of a high quality handheld vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly an excellent housework helper. It allows you to do less housework but still keep home clean. This is a cost-effective and energy-efficient device worth to have at home. Do you want a clean living environment? BESTEK handheld vacuum is ready here to help you.


Excellent Suction Power
BESTEK handheld vacuum cleaner provides ultra-strong 3200Pa suction power so that it can easily slide over and around any surfaces. You may find it strenuous to seep dirt in the corner of a floor or furniture. Handheld vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to suck up dust or dirt, or even pet hair in the stairs, carpets, and corners, under the bed or furniture.

Cyclone Technology
Built-in advanced cyclone technology can deliver ultra-large suction power when you need. In addition, cyclonic filter can effectively spin dust and dirt, and separate debris from air, in which way, small dust and particles can be collected by the dust house and keep room air fresh.

Vacuum cleaners can be corded and cordless. The innovative cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is portable and lightweight, easy to carry around without worrying about cable clutter. 

Long Battery Life
The handheld vacuum cleaner comes with two battery chargers, one for home use and another for in-car use, also perfect for driving travel outside. The hand vac can work for more than 30 minutes once fully charged, worry-free when you use it in car or when there’s power failure.

Easy to Maintain
The filter and bowl are detachable and washable. It is a breeze to clean the filter even by a left-off toothbrush. The dust collector is reusable without buying a backup, saving money.

Long Extension Tube
Included two connectable extension tubes, the cordless vacuum cleaner allows you to clean up somewhere hard to reach, such as the corners of the bed, furniture and sofa, when the tubes are connected.

Low Noise
Equipped with advanced technology and high quality, BESTEK vacuum cleaner works efficiently and voicelessly. Don’t worry that it will disturb someone sleeping or your neighbors.


Applications of Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Traditional sweepers can only remove obvious trashes but can’t clean up small dust or dirt especially in somewhere hard to reach. Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is portable and powerful, perfect for various areas. You can use it for home cleaning, even the carpet, corners of a stair, bed or furniture. You can also use it to collect pet hair. These days, vacuum cleaners have been widely used in restaurants, office, hospitals, pet shops, and even cars when you’re on a road journey. At present, handheld vacuum cleaner is regarded as one of the most helpful must-haves for home improvements.

Now that you’ve known so many good features a handheld vacuum cleaner has, you should consider having one for a cleaner and healthier home.

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william s jones
Oct 2019
First Poster
william s jones says...

is it possible to get a replacement rolling brush for a bestek # btvcv003 ? we love are vacuum but this gear has worn

out or stripped and now wont rotate as it should. the gear in the head looks fine. thank you please let me know.

thank you

william jones

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