How to Choose a Good Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

July 31st, 2017


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With fast speed of vacuum cleaner updating, cordless vacuums have become more and more popular. Cordless vacuum cleaners can finish cleaning in an easier and simpler way, reducing housework tiredness. Different from corded vacuums, cordless vac is more lightweight and portable without cable clutter but can also do cleaning as well as corded vacuums. That is why housewives now are fonder of cordless vacuums. Facing with so many brands of vacuum cleaners with different prices, how can you choose a good cordless vacuum cleaner?
Before Choosing
Before you choose a vacuum cleaner, you have to know something about it. However, many users have misunderstandings about it, thus making the wrong choice.

Some people think that cordless vacuums have very small suction power, much worse than traditional vacuums. But in fact, the motor of a cordless vacuum cleaner is comparable with the racing engine that has so fast revolutions. Most cordless vacuums adopted the advanced Cyclonic Technology that can suck in small particles quickly.

Some people claim that cordless vacuums are not practical as it can only work for several minutes. Actually, cordless vacuums are powered by high quality lithium batteries that ensure enough run time and can protect your devices against electricity leakage as well. Therefore, a cordless vacuum cleaner is worth to buy.


When Choosing
If you want a cordless vacuum, you should pay attention to the following points.

Cyclonic Filter

Suction power is the first factor you should consider. Cyclonic technology is widely used in vacuum cleaners. Cordless vacuum cleaners with advanced cyclonic technology can perfectly separate dust and air by fast revolution to ensure powerful suction.

High Quality Motor
The motor is the core part of a cordless vacuum cleaner. It directly determines the working efficiency and service time of a vacuum. A high quality motor should be much stable even it is working. You can check the vibration sound of the machine housing to judge whether the motor is good or not.

Power Rate
Generally speaking, power rate directly determines how much suction the vacuum has and influences its working efficiency indirectly. However, power rate is not the only influencing factor. So you should know more specifications about a cleaner like input and output.

Well Sealed
Well sealed vacuum cleaners are designed with fine workmanship and high quality materials. Cordless vacuum cleaners with good sealing can save more energy and ensure you better suction and low noise. You can put your hand on its joints. If you feel it is drafty, then you can give it up and choose another one.

Noise Level
Noise is inevitable when motor is working. But it is bothersome if the noise is too loud and you also need be alert whether it is the right time for you to use it for fear of disturbing residents. Choose a vacuum cleaner with less than 80dB noise.

There are many styles and colors of vacuum cleaners in market. Which to buy relies on your personal preference. But about color, it is better if the vacuum housing is spray-painted or made of metal materials, to make sure the cleaner won’t fade and easy to maintain.

Lithium Battery
Cordless vacuums are supported by battery, so high quality batteries can ensure a longer run time and influence using experience. You’d better choose one powered by lithium battery which can allow cleaners keeping working for about 30 minutes.

Complete Accessories

Accessories are also important. Complete accessories should include functional brushes, crevice tools, extension tool, general charger, etc. Bushes and crevice tools can help fully remove debris on edges or corners.

Among so many styles of cordless vacuum cleaners, it is important to learn how to tell fakes or inferiors and choose the best one. A good handheld vacuum cleaner should be equipped with high quality and good performance. When choosing, remember above tips and notes.

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