How to Juice Up Electronics in Car?

June 21st, 2017


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Everyone must have more than one electronic device no matter where he goes. You may still get used to fully charge your cellphones, Bluetooth earphones and other electronics before going out in case of power off. What should you do if cellphone dies on the road? Don’t worry. Just make full use of external batteries in car. But to juice up your electronics in car, you need some good helpers.

Helper one: power bank

If you just like taking one or two electronics like cellphones, Bluetooth earphones or MP3 players, a power bank with two or three USB charging ports are enough for you. Power banks are portable and lightweight and you can store it in your bag. But power bank must be fully charged before you go. It is a mobile power storage device not a power generator. There are multiple power banks for your option, ranging from 3000mA to 15000mAh or higher. The power capacity determines the times to charge your devices. It will stop working once it is run out. To some extent, power banks can also be classified into electronics that need power supply.


Helper two: power inverter
Power inverter is a good driving companion that can convert direct current to alternating current for your devices. Car power inverter makes use of car battery to supply continuous power for mobile electronics and home appliances. It is usually designed with multiple USB ports and AC outlets, allowing you to power up multiple devices at the same time. Built-in full protections, the power inverter can protect your devices and keep a safe environment. At present, voltage inverters are widely used in car for traveling, camping or business trip. There are car inverters from low power to high power 2000W and even higher that can meet your various requirements.


Helper three: car cigarette lighter
Car cigarette lighter is a traditional way that is now used most for electronic charging. Nowadays, cigarette lighters with multiple lighter sockets are popular as the lighters also come with USB charging stations. Just plug the lighter socket into car cigarette lighter and you can charge your mobile devices. The extra lighter sockets enable you to connect more cigarette lighters and supply power for more devices. Be alert when connect many lighter sockets.

Helper four: car jump starter
Car jump starter is used for starting a car on the road when your car stalls suddenly. But it is also a portable external battery with USB ports. You can use it to charge your devices like cellphones, iPads, tablets and so on anytime you want. Car jumps starter is similar to power bank that has large power capacity and can provide power for emergency. Car jumper is necessary for car users. When trapped in an urgent situation, you can use it to save your car and save your dying electronics as well. It is portable so that you can store it in a car tool box. But remember to use it in a proper way.


Helper Five: car USB
Most cars now come with one USB port. The USB port is originally designed for audio and video data transmission, so its output is very low, commonly 0.5A. However, most cellphones need 5V 1A power. It is harmful for your cellphone if it is charged this way for a long time. But you can use the car USB for emergency.

Are your electronics dying on the road? Don’t worry. Here are multiple ways to juice up them again! No matter you choose power inverter, cigarette lighter or jump starter, you have to use them properly to protect your devices and ensure security as well.

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