Is Car Power Inverter Harmful to Car Battery?

June 19th, 2017


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Car power inverter has gained an increasing popularity with the wider use of automobiles. But some people who have bought one in car box are afraid to use it in car because they’re concerned about whether the car power inverter will mess up the car battery. In fact, all electronic devices can do tiny harm to your equipment. But if you use the power inverter in a improper way, the impact will be increased and is possible to run down your battery when the effect reaches to a certain point where the car battery can’t bear. As long as you find out a correct using solution, you can be worry-free to use it in car for traveling or camping.

Don’t use it when the engine is off
Some people often leave the power inverter charging cellphones even that the car has stopped. You should know that the engine will keep supplying power for electronic system no matter when your car stalls or not. It is possible to drain your battery down to nothing if you forget to turn down the headlights or car stereo overnight. Similar things will happen if the power inverter is still working when car is parked. Before traveling or camping, you can bring a backup external battery or remember to power up the battery regularly. You’d better cut the power off if you don’t use car power inverter.

Don’t use high power appliances frequently.
Long time using of power inverter to charge high power appliances will also be harmful to car battery. High power appliances don’t mean all appliances but mean those with a power higher than the rated power of the device. If you want to use high power appliance, you should make sure that your car battery is powerful enough and you have a high power car power inverter.


Don’t use it under high temperature.
The power inverter needs a working environment under less than 40 C°. It is easy to get damaged under high temperature. Today’s power inverters are built-in overheating protection and can protect your devices but if you use it this way for a long time, it will be harmful. So, don’t use it directly under the sun or near the heater outlet.

You should choose a power inverter with a suitable input voltage.
There are various types of power inverters designed with different input ranging from 12V to 48V. That is because different car battery has different output voltage. So, you must choose a right power inverter that fits with the car battery.

You should choose a power inverter with higher power than you expected.
Power inverter makes it possible to charge appliances in car. But some appliances like in-car refrigerator and air conditioner have high initial power. Make sure that the power inverter can support overall power that is higher than that of appliances you have.

You should place it somewhere ventilated and dry.

Keep the power inverter away from somewhere wet and something inflammable or explosive. You should use it in a ventilated and dry environment to reduce the risks of fire or explosion. You should also leave it free without placing any other things on it.

Now have you got your answer? It will do harm to car battery by using a power inverter. But if you use it in a proper way, the impact is too tiny that won’t cause any danger to you and your devices. So what you should concern is how to find out a correct way to use car power inverter.

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