No Annoyance of Using Appliances with Smart Power Strip

August 9th, 2017


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On the threshold of home automation, various kinds of intelligent home appliances are brought into household use to replace human force to do the chores. With more and more usage of electronic equipment, how to maintain the whole house clean and tidy becomes a question of concern. During the use of these devices, some problems or contradictions are inevitable, but you can also find a good solution to deal with it.

Are you perplexed with the following questions? If so, you can stop it under the help of
smart power strip

Home is messy with so many cable clutters!
At present, almost each family has many home appliances, including washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, television, etc. and mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, computer, ipad, and so on. Each device comes with a charging cable, so you can find cables are intertwined together especially when all the appliances and mobile electronics need to be charged at the same time. Are you going insane?


Don’t worry. Smart USB power strips are equipped with multiple charging outlets and USB ports. You can charge many appliances and electronics simultaneously. Besides, the smart identification USB ports are built in IC chips that can automatically detect and deliver the optimal current for each port, so it will take shorter time to fully charge a device. The charging stations are perfectly distributed so that you can easily find the right port before charging or pull out the right cable after the charging is finished.

How to share the limited Chargers?
Also all family members have a cellphone and even also have ipad, tablet, or kindle at hand.  Have you ever been annoyed when your kids and your husband are all trying to grab the few charging stations? Most of the time, parents make some concessions to let kids continue their fun. But you would be trapped into a dilemma when you have something urgent to do.

In that case, you don’t have to have your heart to pull out the plugged cables. A smart power strip can help you out. The smart power strips have multiple USB ports and even include type-c port, enabling you to charge more than one USB ports at the same time. With the charge splitter, parents and kids can share the mobile fun together.  

You have it but you can’t use it!
Maybe you have several power strips at home. But sometimes you may find it still not enough to charge all the appliances you need to use because the AC outlets are so narrow that you have to give up one between every three outlets. So, finally just few outlets are available. BESTEK power strips are wide-spaced to allow you to make fully use of each charging outlet. Two or three smart power strips with multiple useful charging stations can replace your original irrationally designed power strips, saving money and space.

Does it can guarantee the safety of kids?
Some parents feel worried because their curious kids always like playing the outlet holes once they are out of parents’ eyes. That is dangerous especially when you hear that electric shock occurs more frequent than before. To help parents remove off this concern, many power strip manufacturers have adopted advanced safety technology and humanized design to reduce the risks. BESTEK power strips can protect devices against overloading, overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent and short circuit. All outlets have safety shutters to keep kids safe enough. If you have naught kids at home, just have a try of the smart power strips. 

Oops! The cable is too short to reach to the desk.
Cable length may be not the most important thing that you will pay attention to. But in real life, you can’t deny that a long cable is too valuable especially when you want to charge something in somewhere too far from the wall socket, or when you want to have an outdoor camping. When you choose a power strip, you’d better choose one with longer cable. Don’t worry about clutter because the cable can be wrapped up if you don’t have the need. With a long cable power strip, you can feel free to charge devices anywhere you want.

Home appliances and electronic devices are really useful to help you deal with many things efficiently and effortlessly. But using appliances and electronics also brings many small annoyances. Smart
USB power strips are good home helper to help you make an easier and safer living environment. With smart power strips, feel at ease to use appliances at home!

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