Pure Sine Wave VS. Modified Sine Wave

July 24th, 2018


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Power converters are mainly divided into two types – pure sine wave (or referred to as sine wave/true sine wave) and modified sine wave. Knowing about the difference between the pure sine wave and modified sine wave can help you to choose a suitable power converter.

What is the power converter?

A power converter, according to Wikipedia, is an electrical device that can convert electrical energy in several forms, including AC to DC, DC to AC, DC to DC and AC to AC, or convert the voltage or frequency, or some combination of these. Whether the input and output are alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) is one way to tell what the power conversion systems are. Power inverters are regarded as the typical DC to AC power conversion systems and 220V to 110V power converters can be one of the AC to AC conversions. 

What is Pure Sine Wave?

The pure sine wave or sine wave is named after the function sine and firstly a mathematical curve. In the electronic area, pure sine wave inverter means that the output voltage is converted into a sine wave-form. In the sine waveform, the voltage alternates with a sinusoidal curve that has one rounded peak above or below zero voltage. It rises and falls smoothly with a stable and smooth turning phrase angle. When it arrives at zero volts, the voltage can change its polarity instantly without a pause.

World's First Pure Sine Wave 220V to 110V Power Converter 

Charging a device securely is not only what should be cared about at home or office, but also important for travellers on the road, especially in today’s world where overseas travel becomes more and more popular. Pure sine wave technology that can make charge safer and easier has been already used in many occasions, and BESTEK is the first to put this high tech into travel converters to make by pushing out the world's first pure sine wave converter. Get 10% OFF with code F7LID52S to buy BESTEK power converter from Amazon, click here


BESTEK Pure Sine Wave Travel Power Converter

Compared to common power converters, BESTEK pure sine wave converter can provide more stable and safer charging output and allows using some more precise appliances like curling iron, hair straightener and the electric toothbrush that may not be used safely by a modified sine wave converter. There are many other features that make this pure sine wave converter a perfect worldwide travel couple of travelers. 

* Convert all countries' voltage to US voltage (110V), enables you to charge your devices safely when traveling worldwide.

* Provides 2 AC outlets, 3 USB charging ports with total 6A output plus 2 AC ports when QC3.0 port, to allow you to charge up to 7 devices simultaneously. 

* Compact and travel-ready size with detachable power cable makes this power converter easy to pack and take anywhere you go

* NRTL safety tested, upgraded hardware made, and all-around safety protections built in, ensure complete protection for you and your devices. 

What is the modified sine wave?

Different from the pure sine wave, the modified wave convert voltage less smoothly. It doesn’t convert the voltage straightly up and down but there are 2 or more turning blocks above and below zero. Modified sine wave may have more than 2 peaks, so the peak voltage may stay instantaneous for a few milliseconds. As for the zero cross, MSW may also keep at zero for a few milliseconds. 

Advantages of a pure sine wave inverter ?

1. Output voltage in the form of the pure sine wave has low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility-supplied electricity.

2. Pure sine wave output voltage can make inductive loads like microwave ovens and motors run faster, quieter and cooler.

3. With the pure sine wave, the output is more stable and effective, suitable for any loads.

4. It can help to reduce electrical and audible noise that modified sine wave can’t avoid in audio amps, TV, fans, fax and answering machines, etc. 

5. It can effectively prevent crashes in computers, glitches and weird print out.

Pros & Cons of modified sine wave inverters?

1. The advantages of modified sine wave inverters lie in that it is more economical than pure sine wave inverters. When the load is simple induction or resistive loads like motor and light bulbs, the modified sine wave can work better than sine waves. 

2. The disadvantages are that the modified sine wave won’t work well with some modern appliances.

* Laser printers, photocopiers, and anything with an electrical component called a thyristor

* Anything with a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR), like those used in some washing machine controls

* A few laptop computers

* Some fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts

* Some battery chargers for cordless tools

* Some new furnaces and pellet heaters with microprocessor controls

* Digital clocks with radios

* Appliances having speed/microprocessor controls (like some sewing machines)

* X-10 home automation systems

* Medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators

The Economical modified sine wave is more suitable for common users who just need to run TV, light bulbs, microwave oven, tools, etc. While pure sine wave inverters are suitable for you if you want to power up your sensitive electrical or electronics items like computers, laptops, stereos, laser printers, and other certain specialized applications like medical equipment. 

To choose a power converter that suits you well, you should first make it clear what appliances or electronics you have or how you want to use it.

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