Reduce Housework with These Smart Appliances

2017-08-04 01:38:20


Doing housework costs a lot of time and energy for housewives every day. But to keep a clean living life for kids and families, they can’t wait and leave room and kitchen messy. To keep a healthy diet, they need to cook and wash dishes for more than two times every day. But it is even more tiring for business mothers who should pay attention to family and word. 

Why not find help from smart home appliances? You can see various smart household home improvements and kitchen appliances in market. With wider use of these appliances, even common family can afford them. It is a cost-effect and energy-efficient way for you to reduce housework. Are you troubled with so much housework to do? Try these home appliances.

About cleaning


When living for some time, you can easy to find dirt and dirty here and there that si hard to remove. To keep home clean, you have to do some cleaning almost every day, mopping the floor, washing the windows, and wiping the furniture. Don’t worry. Smart cleaning tools are ready here to help you.

1.  Handheld vacuum cleaner
Corded or cordless
handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight and portable that you can carry it anywhere you want. Powerful suction can pick up small particles easily. High quality HEPA or cyclonic filter can lock in the germs and bacteria to keep air fresh. Handheld vacuum cleaners can reach to a large area and allow you to use it to clean the floor, stairs, carpet, bed, furniture and even windows and wall. With a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can keep home clean effortlessly.

2.  Glass-wall cleaning robot

Every house has windows and some has French windows which is easy to get dirty but hard to clean. If you have an auto-electronic glass-wall cleaning robot, you can just lie on the sofa to control and see the robot cleaning the windows intelligently and quickly. The window cleaner can stick firmly on the glass and good at cleaning edges or corners. It can also start with its own cleaning route. With a glass-wall cleaning robot, you can watch the beautiful outside world clearly.

About cooking


As a Chinese saying goes, food is the paramount necessity of the people. Cooking is must-have housework in a family. Some people choose to eat outside because it is convenient. But to keep a healthy diet, you’d better to cook a meal at home. To deal with the concern of less time and nutrition compromising, high quality electric pressure cookers, blenders and other smart kitchen appliances have come into modern life.

Programmable pressure cooker
Electronic pressure cooker allows you to cook in various modes, rice cooker, steamer, soup, dessert, etc. Nutrition can be reserved in the sealed pot, so you just pack up other cookers and make any delicious food without nutrition comprising with one programmable pressure cooker pot. Besides, the pressure cooker allows timer delay and pressure setting so that you can prepare for meals in advance and enjoy it when you come back home.


Sometimes you want to cook a big meal to treat your guest, so a cup of delicious and healthy beverage is necessary. But it is time-wasting and tiresome to mince the fruit or cut the vegetables. Electronic
juice blender can blend and mix fruit and vegetables together without destroying the nutrition. What’s more, a cup of original juice is helpful to keep a healthy living. If you’re a wise Kitchener, you must have a juice or food blender at home.

About Washing

Washing is an everyday work, including washing clothes, washing dishes, and washing other daily life necessities. It is harmful to your hands when touching washing powder or detergent, but it is inevitable when doing washing. To protect your hand skin, you should have washing machines for clothes and dishes.

Washing machine

No matter clothes, blanket, towels or bed sheets, electric washing machine can accommodate a large number of dirty laundry. Just put all the laundry into the washing machines, and set the time and washing mode you want. Then you just have to wait for the auto-alarm sound when it finishes the washing. Many washing machines are equipped with high temperature degerming and drying functions which fully release your hands without hanging clothes out.

Dish-washing machine
Your hands will become oily after you wash the dishes. Some people choose to wear gloves when needing to wash dishes. But that is not convenient and you still have to spend time and energy to clean all the dirty dishes and even the whole kitchen. A dish-washing machine can wash automatically. Moreover, it can dry and disinfect the dishes under high temperature to keep bowl and dishes clean and healthy. The dish washing machine also comes with waste processor to remove all the dirty automatically. 

Cleaning, washing and cooking are the main housework you may have to do every day. With the above smart housing appliances, worry-free for the tiring housework and start a better living right now.

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