Too Many Electronics? Try Multi-USB Charging Station

June 26th, 2017


Phone and Tablet


Look at your bag and your desk, smartphones, music players, smart earphones, smart watches, iPad, tablet, etc. You have already owned varieties of mobile electronics. Each device comes with a single charger and you’ll find so much clutter when all your gadgets are needed to be fed. The number of electronics is only increasing day by day so that you’ll be anxious to plug them all in the power socket after going back home.

Power strips are now designed with USB ports so that you can charge electronics along with appliances. But the number of USB ports is limited and it has the potential to cause overloads especially when you want to power several appliances.
USB charging stations are a more convenient and elegant way to allow you feed all your mobile devices at the same time. Facing with so many USB charging stations, select a suitable one based on your own habit and requirement. Here are some key points for you to choose a good USB charging station.

Number of USB ports

Purchase one with more USB ports than you’ve expected. You may have counted how many electronics you have now before making a purchase and choose one USB charger with exact numbers. But you may find it not enough several days later because of a new extra electronic device. If you want to reduce clutter and charge all your gadgets with one power socket, then choose one with more ports than current needs, or buy more than one USB chargers. Good watch prevents misfortune.


Amperage of each port
Port amperage determines how fast the USB charging station to power your device. Different USB charger has different amperage output. Standard USB port amperages include 1A, 2.1A and 2.4A. All your gadgets can be charged with low amperage, but some devices like tablets and Android phones that need 2.4A current will be charged in a very low speed. If you have multiple types of electronic devices, make it clear how much amperage each of your gadget needs and choose the suitable one.


Charging station styles
There are mainly three styles of USB charging stations, including wall charger, corded hub and organizer. The three styles differ in using methods, so it is your person preference that determines which form factor you should choose.
Wall chargers

The wall charger can be directly plugged into the wall outlet without any extension cord. It is portable and can reduce clutter, but it won’t allow you to charge devices far away from the wall outlet.
Corded USB  hub

This USB hub comes with a long cable so that you can charge electronics freely. All your gadgets are charged with each cable inserted into the hub, which is the same with wall charger in terms of charging method.
* Organizer
Organizers are equipped with racks and slots for your devices. But the organizer is too bulky and costs higher than regular chargers, so most people shy away from them. 

Special extra features
Some USB charging stations are featuring some special performances like smart IC technology, Quick Qualcomm technology and other fast charging systems that can charge your gadgets in a faster speed. Other features include safety protection systems like surge protections to prevent against spikes and other protections against overheating, overloading, overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, etc. This special features may not be that much important than the above three points, but these features can ensure you a safer and better charging experience.


Having one multi USB charger at home or office, several people can share one energy supplier. Look at your bag and desk. If you have may tech gadgets, USB charging stations are a good choice. Hope the above guides can help you to choose a suitable USB charger.

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