What’s in Your Camera Bag?

June 7th, 2017


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Camera bag is essential for professional photographers to take a full suite of camera gears, including cameras, lenses, tripod and other necessary electronic gadgets. Far-sighted photographers may take things optionally according to specific shooting needs. After finishing the photographing, they may take out the gears from your camera bag and leave some there as long-time equipment to ensure not to be missed next time. Check at your camera. What’s in your camera bag?

Camera & Lenses
Of course, your
camera bag must contain cameras and lenses that count the most to get high quality photos. A professional photographer may prepare several camera lenses to meet different shooting requirements. 500mm telephoto lenses are suitable for photos of animals and 200mm to 300mm lenses are better if you need to climb or track. Which camera lenses you need to take depends on what you’re shooting and how you take the photos. It is recommended to take more lenses and get ready to take photos of anything anywhere. 

Battery Pack
Cameras can do nothing but occupy space without power. Therefore, a battery for camera is important especially when you plan to go out for photographing and forget to charge your camera or take batteries for other accessories. In the camera bag, you’d better prepare more than one backup batteries to keep everything going all the way.

Memory Card
It is troublesome when you miss the camera memory card by mistake and this is the only card you have. Why not take more memory cards in your camera bag? Memory card can record all your photo files. You can copy photos in other cards, so you don’t have to worry about loss of data collected after long time of photographing. In additional, the memory card is so small that just occupies small space. If you have memory cards at home, just put it into your camera bag for your next photographing trip.

Cleaning Tools for Camera Lenses
Lenses are the most important part of a camera. Without a clear camera lenses, you can’t get high quality pictures. When taking photos outside, it is inevitable to encounter dust and rain or soiled it by mistake, so you have to prepare clean cloth to keep lenses clear all the time. Please note that ordinary tissue is easy to leave scraps.

You may not think it makes sense to have a flashlight for photographing, but it is helpful when you take photos art night. The handheld flashlight is illuminant enough for you to find something in your camera bag, help you to focus on and counting things when you’re leaving to ensure everything is in your bag.

A good tripod can make it more stable to take photos and make photos much clearer. Though you can leave your hand to do other things, you can’t avoid some natural bad conditions. A tripod can protect your camera against wind and water, and make camera and lenses more stable.

The above things are necessary for a professional photographer to have in a camera bag. And of course there are other gears you may have according to specific needs. Thanks to camera bag with large capacity so that you can take what you need and take photos from nature freely.

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