Why BESTEK Power Strip Can Guarantee Your Safety?

August 18th, 2017


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Safety is always the question people care much about in daily life. Due to the frequent occurrence of electronic safety hazards, people become more alert when choosing an electronic device. However, there are many fakes produced by unscrupulous merchants in markets, so it is important to choose a reliable brand. 

BESTEK is experienced in designing and producing surge protectors for about 10 years. Higher quality and better safety performance are the core goals for BESTEK in the process of launching a new
power strip. Among these years, BESTEK surge protected power strips have gained more and more popularities, and glad that customers feel assured to use BESTEK power strips at home. So why can BESTEK surge protector be thought highly of especially its higher safety guards? That could give the credit to high quality materials, advanced technology and fine craftsmanship that BESTEK applied.

High Quality Materials
BESTEK power strips are made of high quality imported PP materials. Unlike jerry-buildings, BESTEK uses full materials to give full play to superiority of PP materials. PP materials can guarantee high chemical stability, heat resistance, fire-resistance, tensile resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Good materials are the base of a good power strip.

High Conductivity

The composition of conductor wire core determines the conductivity of a power strip. About the materials of conductor wire, most powers trips now use phosphor bronze plating nickel. However, phosphor bronze plating nickel can’t ensure the highest conductivity according to many tests, so BESTEK finally choose the pure phosphorous bronze to provide higher conductivities.


Inner Container Structure
BESTEK power strips are designed with an inner container structure that can provide double layer insulation. That would be much safer when you use it to charging any appliance. The inner structure is also made of high quality to separate all the internal wirings and let them work normally without any interference.


Ruggedized Plug and Cable
Integrated 3*1 square copper core cables have been approved by over 20000 times of plugging in and out. It can be used for a long time without losing, more durable and money-saving. The cable is SR (Strain Relief) designed to ensure strong tension and resistance against pull damage.


Safety Shutter
BESTEK power strips come with multiple charging outlets to meet your multiple charging demands. Each AC outlet has a safety shutter to protect adults and kids from electricity shock when plugging something. Some people may feel it so hard to plug a device into the outlet with safety shutter. BESTEK uses high quality material to make sure each outlet can be safely and easily used. Besides, the extra overload protection switch can protect your devices against overloading.

Space-Saving Outlets
A power strip with multiple charging stations is rather useful in life especially when you have many appliances and mobile electronics at home. But some strips can’t allow you to make full use of these outlets because of narrow space between each two ports. BESTEK widens the space of outlets to reduce the interference of power transmission for each plugged appliance and occurrence of short circuits

Full Protections
BESTEK power strips are surge protected to protect your devices against instantaneous lightning and spikes. The overload protection switch can automatically cut off the power when detecting the external extremely increasing current to protect devices against overcurrent and overloading. Built-in other safety guards to protect devices against overheating, over/low voltage, and short-circuit.

The above explanations may help you have better understandings of BESTEK
surge protected power strips and know why many customers choose BESTEK for safety guard.  

To make life easier and better is the objective of BESTEK struggle. BESTEK has poured plenty of time and energy into the fostering of better products, not just power strips or power inverters. In the near future, BESTEK will move on step by step and help create an easier and safer living.

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