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August 5th, 2017


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Is your cellphone dying? Don’t worry. Just grab your smart phone, right place it and keep it on the go. It is so simple and easy for you to feed your phones right now with just unplugging it because the wireless mobile charging has arrived and is revolutionizing the way of mobile electronic charging. Some big brands have applied advanced wireless technology to improve the charging capabilities.

At present, most people are still depending on corded charging. Since you have various mobile electronics, smartphones, tablets, iPad, kindle, and so on, you have to grab all the USB cables and plug the dying devices right in a power socket. That would be very tangling with frequently misplaced cords. Wireless charging enhances the charging experience for users. You don’t have to plug your device with a cable for a quality charge. What you have to do is just to put your phone down on a flat plate and leave it receive the power.

As a study said that, “in the future, wireless transmission will have the capability of sending large amount of power to remote locations.” Actually, wireless technology has already been used in many areas, like mobile information and communication. With rapid speed of technology developing, wireless charging will become the leading charging method of mobile devices. To welcome this trend, are you ready? You can find some groundbreaking wireless chargers in market right now.

Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Qi wireless charging released by the world first standard organization, Wireless Power Consortium, is regarded as the standard of an open and universal wireless charging. Qi chargers can supply power for any products compatible with QI or marked with QI. QI wireless technology broke through the current bottle beck of universality. In the future, Qi chargers can enable you to charge any electronics including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, computers and so on by just placing the device on the surface of the charger.  

Qi wireless charger is ultra slim and sleek. Some charging pads come to be the thinnest, much portable and lightweight than ever before. The potential thinness of Qi charger makes it deemed to be the ultimate travel companion for on-the-go travellers, businessmen, or backpackers.

Wireless Charging Phone Case

Wireless charging phone case is just a protective phone case regardless of its powering function. So, in this case, a wireless charging case is dual-functional that it can power up and protect your phones simultaneously. You have to choose a good phone battery case according to what phone model you have. Many smartphones like iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, Samsung, have launched matched battery cases.

It is easy to use a wireless charging phone case. You just cover your phone with the right case. The battery case will automatically charge your phones. The case is perfectly designed to give you easy access to any buttons on the phone including the charging port. So, you can also put the phone with a case on a charging base or plug it with USB cable to get it charged. Moreover, as the battery case can provide up to 130% extra battery power, you can use the battery case to charger another phone by connecting the matched phone and the phone you need to charge with a cable. In this case, the wireless charging phone case is as multi-functional as a power bank.

Wireless Charging right now is not the main stream of mobile electronics charging, but has been widely adopted in smartphone charging. Wireless charging has enhanced the way of cellphone charging and makes phone charging become easier and faster.

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