300W Power Inverter: the Best Way to Energize You and Your Devices on the Road

November 8th, 2017


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When going out for business or travel by car, you will not forget to take a power inverter. Power inverters are much helpful for you to power up electronic devices on the road or in emergency. You don’t have to bring bulky power banks with limited power capacity in your bag to prepare for power for your cellphones. And you can also juice up your laptops in car when there is anything important to handle or for entertainment to make journey funnier. Of course, you can find power inverters with different wattages. How many wattages a power inverter has means how many loads it can carry. 75W power inverters to 2000W power inverters are all available to meet your different needs.

For common people who have several electronic devices in hand, 300W power inverter may be the best choice. 300W power inverter is not too small or too bulky and can allow you to charge the most frequently used devices, including cellphones, tables, ipads, kindles, cameras, etc. The inverters come with battery clips, allowing you to get power sources directly from car cigarette lighter or from car battery by connecting two terminals and car inverters via the two clips when you need to use devices over 150W but less than 300W. Car power inverter 300w is light and portable. It is easily to store the inverter in box glove without occupying any space. If you’re going for a self-driving travel by car, the 300W power inverter may be your best choice.

Here in BESTEK, there are 3 types of 300w power inverters available for your needs. All the three car power inverters are designed with high quality and good performances. To meet more people’s requirements, some unique features are also built in each model.

High Quality

Durability and safety are the two important factors for an electric power inverter. From the outside, BESTEK 300w power inverters feel somehow metallic and textured. They are made of durable and anti-fire metal materials, to ensure long service time and safe charging environment. Built-in advanced isolation voltage technology strengthened safety guards to better protect you and your devices from damages and dangers. It is safe to charge any connected devices with all-around protections of overload, overvoltage, overheating and short-circuit. Besides, the cooling fans can cool down the temperature to keep devices working continuously and normally.


Powerful Performances

Charging Outlets
The three 300w power inverters provide 300 watts contentious DC to AC power and 700 watts instantaneous power and come with both AC outlets and USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time. 110V AC outlets are used for charging large devices like laptops, tablets. And USB ports can charge small mobile USB compatible devices. The USB ports can provide 1A, 2.1A or auto 0~2.4A current. the auto 0~2.4A smart USB ports are intelligent identified to automatically detect and deliver the optimal current for each devices without damages.

Compact Design

The DC to AC power inverters are lightweight and portable with small size. Iphone-sized small power inverters DC 12V are quite perfect for vocations, business trips, camping and other outdoor activities. It is also easy to take and store in car box glove. Just take it out next time and store it without occupying any space. So, the acr 300w power inverter is a mobile power supply.

LED Indicator Light and Switch

The LED indicator lights can let you know the charging status and warn you the power problems in time to avoid dangers. The AC power switch is used to control the AC outlets. When you don’t need to use the AC outlets or then car stops, you can turn it off to save energy without plugging in or out frequently.

Convenient Charging
You can easy plug the inverter into cigarette lighter socket with buckle design. The lighter sockets buckles are designed with negative shrapnel spring, metal ring and copper cap, to make each plugging in securely and easily. The long power cord makes it easier for you and the backseat passengers to charge devices without moving it.

300W Power Inverters from BESTEK for Your Needs
Here you can find three main types of BESTEK 300w power inverters as below. If you’re going to have a self-driving travel or business trip and want to enjoy more, 300w power inverters are what you really need.


BESTEK 300W power inverter
Unique features
2 110V AC outlets
2 USB ports (2.1A & 1A)
24inch cigarette lighter plug

BESTEK power inverter 300w with 26 inch cord
Unique features
2 110V AC outlets
Dual 0~2.4A USB ports
26 inch long cord

BESTEK 300w power inverter pure sine wave
Unique features

2 110V AC outlets
Dual 0~2.4A USB ports
26 inch long cord
Pure sine wave

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