Bestek Detachable Desk Lamp – Deserve to Have for Multi-environment

2018-03-26 12:49:37


Desk lamps are playing an important role in facilitating study and work, as sufficient lighting can keep your mind alert and concentrated even at night. Nowadays, various types of desk lights can be found in market, and among those lights, Bestek detachable desk lamp stand out with its unique design and powerful features.


Not just a desk lamp

The desk lamp is uniquely designed with a detachable head. The head can be removed off and exclusively used as a flashlight. It is rather easy for you to look for something under desk or at outdoors at night with no need to find an extra torch. The hand-held light is built-in rechargeable 1600mAh Li-on battery and comes with 3 adjustable brightness levels. It can offer the maximum luminance for over 90 minutes once charged. One Bestek detachable light can replace two lights, which is a good way to save money.

 a  Also USB charger

When studying or working, you may need to find USB chargers for your power-hungry cellphones, iPads or tables. Now you don’t have to leave your seat and what you need do is to plug your devices into the two USB ports inserted into the lamp base. The dual USB charging stations are built-in smart identification technology and can charge each device at full speed with Max 2.4A per port. It is a good power feeder to keep all your USB devices on the go and never delay your study or work.


Professional eye protector

At present, heavy homework and business have forced students and adults to lower head in books or computers. As you know, eyes can be harmed if stimulated by strong light or a dim yellow shade for a long time. The detachable desk lamp provides soft and non-flicker lightings with built-in superior LEDs and advanced side-glowing technology. The light floods on the desk on the side to avoid direct light that can irritate your eyes and cause myopia. To protect your eyes, you need a good LED table lamp like Bestek detachable desk lamp.

Fit for various needs

The lamp is featured with dimmability and timer function. You can adjust the lighting to the best from the four brightness levels and four color temperatures and freely choose four lighting modes from reading, study, relaxing or sleeping to meet different needs. With the 60-minute timer function, the light can turn off automatically. It is convenient for you to study or work before going to bed without worrying about electricity waste.   


Designed simple and flexible  

Bestek detachable desk lamp is fully adjustable for using in different direction. The head can rotate 90° left and right or 245° up and down, and the arm can rotate 35° left and right or 105° up and down. You can fold or rotate the lamp to any angle as you like. The table lamp is controlled by a compact panel. Just touch it and let the lamp work for you as your way.

To choose a good desk lamp is to be responsible for both your study or work and your eye care. Bestek detachable desk lamp is all-powerful and affordable that everyone deserves to have to do things effectively and protect eyes helpfully. 

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