Choose the Best 110V/220V Adapter for Overseas Travel

May 24th, 2018



A voltage converter adapter is an electronic device that is used to transfer the 220V or 110V output of a power source into useful power. Such 110V and 220V adapters are widely used nowadays for people who love traveling abroad or taking overseas vacations due to the difference of country voltage standards. If you’re planning to start an overseas travel in a country that uses 220 volts, 230 volts, or 240 volts, then consider to bring a 220V adapter.

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Choose the right type the power converter

When it comes to voltage converter, you can think of two types: 110V to 220V step up voltage converters and 220V to 110V step down voltage converters. If youre going traveling in a country that uses 220 volts with taking 110V electronics or appliances, choose the step down 220V to 110V adapter. And step up 110V to 220V adapter is needed for those who want to travel in countries with 220 volts. If youre not sure which type you should choose, try to make it clear through global voltage guide map before determining.


Choose the right size of the power converter

The size of a voltage converter here means its wattage. How many wattages you need depends on what kinds of and how many electronics and appliances you will bring for this travel. It is recommended to choose an 110V/220V adapter that has wattage 2 or 3 times higher than all your devices, especially when you need to use large appliances like TVs, laser printers, etc. Suitable voltage converters with a little higher wattage ratings can guarantee your devices function properly, safely without any damages. To choose the right wattage, you can refer to the following example: Volts x Amps = Watts.


Choose an 110V/220V adapter with enough charging stations

A voltage adapter now is not just a converter but also a charger that comes with multiple charging stations. Many people now are tending to bring as many electronics or appliances as they can when traveling abroad. To keep all those devices on go in other countries, you should also consider to take a suitable power converter that has multiple charging stations enough for your needs. It is easy to find 110V/220V adapters that have both AC outlets and USB ports to allow you to power up various kinds of devices.


Choose a reliable 110V/220V adapter

If youre planning to take more than one electronics or appliances, take safety protections into your consideration. There are chances to trigger charging problems or fires if charging multiple devices with poor quality 110V/220V adapters. When buying one, get to know whether it is made of fire-resistant materials and have been built-in advanced protections like overheating protection, overvoltage protection, overloading protection and short-circuit protection. If you have kids along with you, be sure that the 110V/220V adapters have safety doors in each AC outlet to keep children safe from electricity shock.


Choose an 110V/220V adapter that has extra features

If you have other special needs, you can choose a converter that is equipped with other special features. For example, if you want to charge devices faster, then choose one with 0~2.4A intelligent identified USB chargers or quick chargers 2.0 or 3.0, or type-c chargers for type-c devices. If you want plug adapters at the same time, you can choose an 110V/220V adapter that comes along with extra plug adapters that can allow you to use all over the world.


110V/220V adapters are important for overseas travels. Choose the best voltage converter according to your own needs. Try to find the right one that is more worth your money. Have a nice trip.


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